Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Created by me.......

For CREATED BY YOU!!My local scrap shop owned by my lovely friend Jody Bain :) Jody gave me these papers to create a kit from and let me just say they where a challenge and a half!!!But I like the end result....even if I did stand up and storm out after the first attempt LOL But I did have a nasty ear ache so it may have affected my mojo LOL

I had a play with some of the samples from the new kaiser ranges and made these cards for Jody's shop :) Oh and I christened my cute lil studio g stamps too :)
Well we had a fabulous weekend :) Saturday night we went and saw Kirsten and Jason (It was an awesome night....I had the hangover to prove it on Sunday PMSL) then sunday off out for a krispy kream and a quick catch up with Nic and Jody before retreating to the couch LOL That was before my ear started throbbing........its alot better now so I think it could have been from the weather :$ it is getting cold in the morning and at night now......who knows but it came by itself and went by itself so its all good LOL
I think thats about it for now.............Oh how good was it that Bob won biggest loser!!Yay!!
Ok im going to scrap now :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Krissy xx

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Im green with envy.........

Well not really LOL but it is the theme for this weeks challenge at Wicked Princesses :) I always try to be happy with what I have and be greatful for all that I am blessed with (its a karma thing) so I scrapped a pic of our boy Jack......he is the most jealous creature I know.He goes balistic if Kloe gets a pat before him LOL
Im a lime rickeying the next kit at Wicked Princesses.......OMG I am hanging out to play with this gorgeousness :D

Im joining in with a cybercrop at the scrapbook establishment this weekend and this is the card inspired by a pagemaps sketch and the LO was inspired by the lovely Tanya Tahir and is a very special pic from when Granny was I miss her :(

Oh and this is my card for the envy challenge :) Blogger has uploaded it all sque whiff LOL
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.......we are off out tonight to see the fabulous Kirsten and Jason :D we havent seen this lovely pair in soooooooooooo long and we are really looking forward to catching up with you both *mwah*
Okies Im off to scrap for a couple of hours :)
Have a good one peoples!!
Oh and thanks so much for the love left for my STB LO!!Boy LO's are always a challenge for me but I really enjoy scrapping about JT so thanks for the lovely comments :D *mwah*
Krissy xx

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lots to share

My card using the latest card sketch by Chloe at wicked princesses :) Mum loved it as her birthday card.......its on the hutch with her other fave card from last mothers day LOL
A little sneaky peeky of an upcoming class at A passion for craft............its all glittery and girly :D Heaps of fun :D Dont forget to snabble a bargain in the sale!!!!

We had the hugest rainbow here yesterday and I had all of seconds to try and get a the time I ran for my SLR it was gone :(

Im joining in with scrap the boys for the first time this month and had heaps of fun drawing inspiration from the billboard for the comp :) Josh and his favourite phrase lately "it wasnt me!"LOL

This weeks sketch for the blog using products from CREATED BY YOU Burpengary......Jody gave me these fabbo vintage papers and I couldnt resist scrapping the youngest pic we have of Dad.....we are guessing he is about 6 or 7 but we cant be sure of the exact details.But Dad knew where the pic was taken which is cool :D
Okies best be off and get something done LOL Ive got other bits and bobs done but xcant share them yet ;)
Have a great day!
Thanks to my comment leavers *mwah* I love knowing who has stopped by and making new blogging friends.........:D
Krissy xx

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy birthday Richard!!

Today is my brothers 26th birthday!Happy birthday buds!We celebrated by having cactus jacks and playing a few games of 10 pin bowling at the weekend :D It was heaps of fun!!And lookie lookie at the scoreboard........yours truely kicked some butt LOL I have never won anything sporty IN MY LIFE!!!So this was worthy of a photo PMSL I broke my thumbnail down really low during the first game so the back score on the second game is due to injury LOL

Mum waiting for the ball to hit the pins LOL

Dad looking very proud LOL

Richard and Ma with Jilly in the background (my brothers GF :D)

Journalling out :)

This is my LO for week one of the 7 deadly sins comp at wicked princesses :) I showed sneaky peeks before and now here is the full thing :D I forgot about journalling oops hence it being hidden LOL

This is my card which is part of the bonus challenge to create the card part of the challenge :)

Ok Ive done nothing but sit on my toosh and scrap today so Id better go and get dinner organised LOL
Thanks for stopping by!
Krissy xx

Sale extension at a passion for craft!!

Lynnie just announced this on the forum :)

I have decided to leave the 30% off all sale items untill all items sold!Buy $30.00 worth before shipping and recieve 30% off you total order!!Thats right until they are all gone so tell ya friends if they want to grab a bargain to come on over and check out the sale items and get a further 30% off!The 30% is only for items in the SALE section of the store.The discount will be taken off once the order has been placed and the final amount will be email to you.

Check it out HERE at a passion for craft!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some scrapping therapy......

Well yesterday was a complete and utter nightmare......I had a mini meltdown when Al got home....he told me not to worry and gave me a bug cuddle which made me feel a bit better.P.S Nutella wasnt a good idea *shaking head* LOL So anyway I did a spot of scrapping/card therapy last night and made these 2 fairy cards using stock from the fabulous Jody @ created by you Burpengary :D I had so much fun with these lovey!Ive still got more to do too ;)

Its my brothers 26th (omg makes me feel old LOL) birthday on Monday so I made him a card to put a few $$'s in :D I always find boy/masculine cards hard......but I enjoyed making this one :D I even christened my tim holtz music mask ......he loves music so it works well :)

My LO for this weeks sketch at CIS :) Its my nephew Josh's turn to be in the spotlight this week and here he is looking spunky as always!Oh can you tell I am lovin my masks at the moment LOL So much fun :)
Im off to visit mum and dad for the weekend (they dont know yet LOL) Richard is having his b'day dinner while Im down and Al is working saturday then off out with the "boys" one of his mates is going overseas to work for 6 months so they are doing the big send off weekend.
Before I forget I owe a lovely huggle *mwah* to the gorgeous Kate the Great who sent me a fabbo bracket album!!Thanks so much Kate it put a smile on my dial :D
Okies better go and pack!
Have a fab weekend everyone and thanks to all of the nice comments about my bad day yesterday *mwah* you are all lovely :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I shouldve stayed in bed today........

Far out what a craptacular day :( I went down to coles to grab some of the meat bargains they have on this week,went to visit the lovely Jody on the way back ;) then started on my merry way walking the time I got half way home I was slapping myself for being so stupid as to attempt to carry that much food on my own and kept saying to myself....."not far now" while the bags are cutting into my shoulders (ouch) I get just one street from my house and spot a dog off in the distance running cant be my dog,she hasnt gotten out in ages..............she has been good lately.......bit closer and low and behold yep its my dog *insert rolling eyes here* cheeky so and so ran towards me so I put down my mega heavy shopping bags thinking at least if I can put her in the yard I can come back for the food but NOOOOOOOO she runs straight past me ( I swear she was doggily grinning at me LOL) and off she went.I walked home fuming and hurredly put away the food before grabbing her lead and setting out in search of the elusive pooch when there she is in the front yard and once again she runs straight past me!!!At this point I am considering letting her go and if she gets lost serves her right for being naughty.......then my conscience kicked in and I thought "what if she gets hit by a car?what if she spooks a little kid and they fall off their bike? what if she doesnt come back?" LOL so off I go......found her trying to get at a cat in someones window the next street over.........thats the only way to catch her is when she is distracted.So I get home rouse her,give her a drink and lock her in the sin bin (aka the verandah) then I set about doing my various "jobs" for the day #1 on the list was some towels for my friend Tracy, got one towel done (very pretty) then disaster struck .........I was distracted and didnt know the needle had snapped and now the machine isnt working :O :( :(:( Now Ive got to try and find someone to fix it .......if it can be fixed that is :( Im so sad,stressed and emotional.Today has sucked big time...........sorry about the rant :( Now im knuckle deep in the nutella jar with bickies......chocolate doesnt fix everything but it helps LOL

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My cards class!!!

Check out my cards class at Wicked Princesses HERE

Thanks and have fun!

Krissy xx

I scrapped the girl!!

Id been told about the challenge blog scrapthegirls by my friend Liz before but hadnt joined in until now :D Love the soft pretty colours involved in this months challenge :) How could I resist this gorgeous pic of my princess niece Morgan and my basic grey stash :D
Oh like my flower??I found a tute on doing fabric flowers and adapted it to my paper ones :D :D
Ok gotta go clean the exciting LOL
Thanks for all my lovely comment leavers!!Love it!
Take care *mwah*
Krissy xx

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ta dah!!!!

Here are 2 of the items I created with this months Wicked Princesses card kit!!I had enough goodies to create 4 cards,a bookmark and a LO!!!You cant beat that for value hey!The LO is winging its way to scrapbooking memories :D yay!!My class will be held tomorrow on the WP online classroom :D You can buy the kit for $14.95 or class access for $5.00 email Karen and Tam for more details :)

A couple of sneaky I hear you gasp whilst saying "OMG Krissy used purple!!" LOL yep its purple alright and prepare for shock number 2 I think I may have conquered my hatred of the colour purple LOL yay!!! Im so lovin this ultrafine glitter from stampin up.....its sp purdy!!Watch this space for the full LO and more details :)

This one is for a challenge to be inspired by your fairy name :) Heres my fairy name :
Your fairy is called Hex Reedglitter
She is a panpipe player and enchantment singer.
She lives in places hexed and tainted by black magic.
She is only seen in the light of a shooting star.
She wears black feathers and rose petals. She has gentle green butterfly wings
I loved getting inspired like this!!So much fun :D
Ooooh thats 2 colours Im not a big fan of and I scrapped it :O whats with that??LOL Im back in challenge mode ready to try anything :) yay!
I tried to clean out Al and I's wardrobe my dream house I have a walk-in big enough to hold my huge collection of clothes my real life house it is pathetically small in comparison to my clothes LOL Poor Al has about 30cm for his stuff hehehe......anyway after a morning of being waist deep in clothes I have filled 6 garbage bags to go to vinnies :D I was doing the "oh I might wear that again....." and slapped myself before putting it in the "out" pile LOL I have major issues with hoarding and clothes are a big weakness for me we have an empty spot in the top shelf :O and the bottom only has about 6 pairs of shoes :O Al will say I could've chucked out more LOL but im taking baby steps PMSL
Okies Im off to scrap and reward myself LOL
Thanks for stopping by! *mwah*
Krissy xx

Monday, April 13, 2009

What the??

Ok been doing a bit of looking around (I was looking for some tips and techniques on scrapping LOL) and I found these videos LOL Now im sitting here wasting time LOL

How to Charge an iPod with an Onion
Using an onion and Gatorade, you, too can charge your iPod.

This one is for my hubby Al

How To Change Toilet Paper Rolls
Follow these steps to successfully replace your toiler paper rolls.

See its not hard babe!!!PMSL

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter lovelies!!

Happy easter everyone!!I had a fabulous day at Nic's!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODY!!!Im sooooo sorry I forgot (slaps for me) Lookie what Nic bought me for my birthday!!Ive been ultra slack and havent been to Nic's house since my birthday hence getting it now but how stunningly gorgeous is it!!I told Al I need more diamond rings to fill it (I wish!!) LOL It is just so pretty I love it!!Thanks lovey *mwah*

I took a few pics of Nics gorgeous boys today :D I wont share til I check with her going to have a play on picassa before I burn them to disc for her :)

Oh and hallelujah 2 LO's that I have been sitting here staring at (drove me mad......knew I shouldnt have walked away and left them half done........Im one of those "finish what you start" kinda gals LOL so walking away from something not finished messes with my mojo big time!!!)Any whoo they are finito and I kinda like them!Both are about me :O :O one is for WP and cant be shared (yet) and the other was inspired by my fairy name (are you going what the? ) its for a fairy name is hex reedglitter.....cant remember the rest of it but there was mention for green,petals (yay!) and butterfly wings OMG it is me!!!well except for the green that is LOL but my eyes are green so maybe ................ok im waffling now LOL *slap*

If my gorgeous little cousin Hannah Flowerpot is reading this please,please,please give Granny a big hug for me.........and tell her I love her.

Okies peeps Im off to find some cold and flu tabs.....bloomin snuffles big time :$

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

*mwah* for my lovely comment make me smile :)

Krissy xx

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sketchie LO :)

This is my LO for this weeks sketch at CIS created by moi!Its a day early LOL but I wanted to share.........I created the LO last night .....its amazing what I can do when I turn the computer off lol.Ive got glitter everywhere lol Glitter barbie eat ya heart out :)

Yesterday was the 9 year anniversary of my 1st date with Al ....awwwwww if my friend Miss Tracy is reading this I know you are doing the finger down the throat thing pmsl.How things have changed in the last 9 years......we have stood by each other through alot over that time,the good and the bad.To think that people said we would never last makes me laugh everytime........we are still as in love as we where in the start.....he is still my very best friend and no one comes close.Ok enough of the lovey dovey stuff.

Guess what??Kloe (fur kid #1) is finally learning (the hard way) that she is not a human!PMSL bizarre to some but not those that have met Kloe (she can say hello LOL and says it to me every morning PMSL......seriously im not crazy!) she and her fur brother Jack (top dog) have be banished to the back verandah at night time instead of inside downstairs........we are hoping to do some major renovations soonish and that will become our main living area so I wanted to get the pups used to it now rather than later iykwim.She isnt happy but is getting better about it everyday....thank heavens for her bark collar LOL

Whats everyone up to this weekend??Al and I are having a chill out weekend (hopefully) then off to an Easter celebration at Nic and Davids place :) Im going to play photograher with my SLR and get some pics of Nics gorgeous boys......the Easter bunny is coming too YAY!!Im excited like a little kid :D

Okely dokely lovelies Im offskies

Have a safe weekend everyone!

Krissy xx

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can you out chat the chatterbox???

Are you up for it??Can you out chat APFC's little miss chatterbox????Head on over to the forum at A PASSION FOR CRAFT to find out the details and get chatting and scrapping!!!It would be lovely to have you join us :) Its a lovely place to be!Lots happening at the moment........Zany has a fab sketch challenge going,Chilli is doing a tutorial on glimmermist soon and Im chatting and chatting and chatting LOL!!!Lynnie has the awesome glimmermists in stock now and the screens to go with them.......I can feel some shopping coming on!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Warning its a big post with lots of piccies LOL

It was Mums birthday on Saturday and we spent the day with her :) Mum had a fab day and loved her pressies :D The kids love birthdays (so do I lol) Oh and if your wondering why the candles say 28 its a family joke LOL Mum has said she is 29 (again and again lol) since she turned 30 and now that she is 52 she has decided to start going backwards PMSL hence the 28 candles LMAO
And Dad cut off his hair :O Dad has been growing his hair for about the last 8 years and decided last week that he'd had enough so off it came!I asked Dad to wait til I was there (to take pics LOL) and Lyns had a great old time chopping it off LOL My pics are in reverse (ooops) but you get the idea :) Allan was gobsmacked when he walked in and saw Dad lol

Inkurable stampers has a cyber stamp on this weekend and I got inspired late last night and decided to join in the fun :D This is my card I made for challenge 1 a sketch from pagemaps and using the devine papers Lynnie sent me for some up and coming DT work at A PASSION FOR CRAFT :)

My LO for challenge #2 to use 5 stamps on a LO :) This LO is going to be Al's anniversary pressie this week ssshhhhh dont tell him its a surprise LOL We have been together for 9 years on wednesday and he is still the best thing since sliced bread as far as Im concerned :D

And my entry for challenge #3 my very first twinchie!This cute little jobbie is 2 inches square and OMG I think im addicted!They are so much fun to make!!

This was my LO for last weeks sketch (also monthly comp sketch) at CIS :) Check out the sketchblog for lots of sketchy inspiration from Kerryn and I :D
Okely Dokely im off to re-arrange my scrap room........if you havent heard from me in a few days send out the search party LOL
Thanks for stopping by!Dont be afraid to leave a comment :) They really do make my day!
Krissy xx