Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter lovelies!!

Happy easter everyone!!I had a fabulous day at Nic's!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODY!!!Im sooooo sorry I forgot (slaps for me) Lookie what Nic bought me for my birthday!!Ive been ultra slack and havent been to Nic's house since my birthday hence getting it now but how stunningly gorgeous is it!!I told Al I need more diamond rings to fill it (I wish!!) LOL It is just so pretty I love it!!Thanks lovey *mwah*

I took a few pics of Nics gorgeous boys today :D I wont share til I check with her going to have a play on picassa before I burn them to disc for her :)

Oh and hallelujah 2 LO's that I have been sitting here staring at (drove me mad......knew I shouldnt have walked away and left them half done........Im one of those "finish what you start" kinda gals LOL so walking away from something not finished messes with my mojo big time!!!)Any whoo they are finito and I kinda like them!Both are about me :O :O one is for WP and cant be shared (yet) and the other was inspired by my fairy name (are you going what the? ) its for a fairy name is hex reedglitter.....cant remember the rest of it but there was mention for green,petals (yay!) and butterfly wings OMG it is me!!!well except for the green that is LOL but my eyes are green so maybe ................ok im waffling now LOL *slap*

If my gorgeous little cousin Hannah Flowerpot is reading this please,please,please give Granny a big hug for me.........and tell her I love her.

Okies peeps Im off to find some cold and flu tabs.....bloomin snuffles big time :$

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

*mwah* for my lovely comment make me smile :)

Krissy xx


Kirsty said...

Gorgeous pressie! And, its always good to finish off those UFO's lying around:)
Hope you fought off those sniffles!

kate said...

hey krissy hope you feel better soon no more sniffles!! that gift is gorgeous, very 'you' hehe. xox

Kerryn said...

What a gorgeous pressie! You lucky girl - wishing you luck getting those diamonds!!! :)