Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Class reveal and yay!!

The above are a few piccies from my class that I ran last week at the fabulous A PASSION FOR CRAFT!If you wanna see more and all the class instructions check it all out and more at APFC!!The big comp has started so make sure you grab a pack while you can and join in on all the fun!Loads happening including a challenge set by me coming up............who knows what it will be ;D Hope you can come over and check it all out!
Yup!!Lucky ducky me had another LO accepted by Scrapbooking memories!!How super cool is that :D it the one that I did of the ever beautiful Princess Morgan using BG bittersweet leftovers from my kit from Wicked Princesses :D OMG people these kits are fandabbydosey!!I made 4 cards,a bookmark and a LO out of it :O You cant beat that for value hey!!Two very cool sketches up to play with and some fabbo prizes to be won so be sure to check it all out!!
Ummmmmm what else is happening..........oh nearly got ran over by the postie on his scooter today PMSL and it wasnt my fault!!!Shock horror hey LOL He was too busy watching a guy across the street whippersnipping lol It must've looked (and sounded) funny jumping up against a fence and squealling LOL then I said "sorry" ......typical me apologising for something thats not my fault LOL
Al is flat out with work which is good but means he is flogged the rest of the time :( I swear he works too hard.......
Im still trying (with an emphasis on the word TRYING LOL) to keep fit.I still spend alot of time taling myself out of it LOL but for the most part im doing ok (I think lol) I bought one of those pilates rowing thingy bobs today and had a go with sure they dont make these things and try them out to check how much it hurts your tooshie to be at that angle lol My toosh was sore!!Surely I have enough padding on there to stop it hurting lol!!May have to invest in a pilates mat...........maybe LOL
Im off out to an SU gathering on Friday night with Nic,Jody,Kim Chrissy and Mel :D Cant wait for a girly night of crafting :D its gonna be fab!
Okies Im off to make a cuppa and get ready for some snoozin........cant wait to get Eclipse.....I need another fix!
Thanks for stopping by lovelies :) Thanks for the comments too they always make me smile :D *mwah*
Krissy xx
Oh I worked out the blog thingy little missplaced <> thingy bob and it all went haywire :$ had to look it up on blogger for dummies PMSL


Kirsty said...

Congrats on the pub!!!! Love the classes!

Kerryn said...

WOOHOO on the publication!

Loving all the creations. (Glad you hear you resolved your blog gremlins).

Liz Weber said...

Congrats on the publications Krissy. Loving your cute mini albums!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you!! :) Congrats on the publication!! Your projects are just gorgeous as always...I can see why this happens!! TFS!

Kat said...

Hi Krissy, Congrats on getting published again! Love the albums, they are so cute! I still haven't had a chance to finish mine.

kate said...

*sigh* eclipse *drool*