Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy birthday Richard!!

Today is my brothers 26th birthday!Happy birthday buds!We celebrated by having cactus jacks and playing a few games of 10 pin bowling at the weekend :D It was heaps of fun!!And lookie lookie at the scoreboard........yours truely kicked some butt LOL I have never won anything sporty IN MY LIFE!!!So this was worthy of a photo PMSL I broke my thumbnail down really low during the first game so the back score on the second game is due to injury LOL

Mum waiting for the ball to hit the pins LOL

Dad looking very proud LOL

Richard and Ma with Jilly in the background (my brothers GF :D)

Journalling out :)

This is my LO for week one of the 7 deadly sins comp at wicked princesses :) I showed sneaky peeks before and now here is the full thing :D I forgot about journalling oops hence it being hidden LOL

This is my card which is part of the bonus challenge to create the card part of the challenge :)

Ok Ive done nothing but sit on my toosh and scrap today so Id better go and get dinner organised LOL
Thanks for stopping by!
Krissy xx


Liz Weber said...

Krissy sorry to hear about that craptacular day you had - norty dog lol!

Your cards are so pretty and feminine - great work with those images and I just love this butterfly card on this post!

Hope the rest of the week gets better!

Kerryn said...

LOL @ your injury :).

LOVE your purple work. Looks fabulous.

kate said...

omg that card is gorgeous krissy!!! i want to touch it!! hehe.

well done at bowling, i love it :)