Thursday, February 28, 2008

Newest creations!!

These are my entries for the CC I'm doing this week."Angel" was a LO for a challenge that you had to use yellow....(I know I NEVER use yellow but I like this kind of yellow !Plus Mo has yellow on her singlet!) Josh's bubbles page was for the sketch challenge....I'm lovin the new Kaiser boy pp's (I think I should buy shares in Kaiser I use soooo much of their stuff!!) love the mixed alpha's they turned out pretty cool for a boy LO! The "sweet princess MO" LO challenge was to use only one colour,no pp,only one photo and something had to be layered so I chose pink (obviously!)and layered the bling word over Mo.Had heaps of fun and I've got 2 more CC's this weekend!!!!!Yay!!!I'm off to finish a double LO I'll upload it tomorrow.Thanks for having a lookie! Krissy xx

P.S .Hey Ma I'm so glad you have registered to leave comments :-)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

OMG!!!!It is soooooo hot!!!

It is a sweltering 40 degree's here today.......ugh sweating like a pig!I wanted to do some scrapping today but just managed to finish the "Laugh" LO and have given up......being sweaty and scrapbooking just doesn't go together LOL!!!I had heaps of fun doing the LO on Josh with the snakes at Currumbin did a bit of stamping with bubble wrap.......I like it!!!Plus I got to use the awesome metal letters Lyns bought for me for my birthday.........LOVE THEM LYNS!!!!Well I'm off to do my homework for Jody's workshop tomorrow then I've got to get ready to partay.....LOL.....I'm soooo taking me camera LOL!!!!Thanks for having a peek Krissy xx

Friday, February 22, 2008

The LO below titled "jt" is for a challenge on Kate's blog check out her blog, her LO's are fabbo!Plus the challenge was heaps of fun!Thanks for letting me have a go Kate :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My latest.....

This is a LO I've done on the always spunky Josh,I'm lovin the new boy Kaiser papers, plus I christened my new stamps I bought from Jody last night :-) with the voucher Tracy gave me for my birthday 8)
Check out my dodgy haircut.......Lyns and I always call it helmet hair LOL!Mum says it was poplular in the 80's......thank goodness I don't still have that hairstyle now LOL!Plus you can see what a chubba I was in the other photo.......I couldn't wear those knee-high socks that where the fashion.......they cut off my circulation LOL!!!!!

Flowers and Glitter was the theme for my "Fairy" LO, I lurve flowers and glitter :-) plus I had a bit of fun with kindy glitz on the photo's.How cute is Morgan in her Hi5 fairy outfit!!!

"Boy's will be boy's" is my entry for the February sketch challenge at Forever Always....I'm lovin the new Kaiser boy rub-ons........need to buy more now LOL!

I love these pic's of Morgan sitting on the swing at Mum and Dads house!They where perfect for this sketch!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I had the BEST birthday!!!!

Allan gave me a day full of surprises yesterday! The flowers and bear (see previous post) he bought me a wii YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY I love it.......whooped him at the bowling and now hold the family high score (sorry ma!)!!!!! 9 strikes in a row and scored 278..........I was a bit excited.......danced around the living room shaking my booty singing 9 in a row,9in a row.........I got nine in a row.........yes I'm sure I looked like I needed some men in white coats to come and take me away LMAO!!!!!!!!Then he took me for a yummo dinner of Tepenyaki in the city, where I got another red rose and a box of choccies.......Lindor.....yuuuummmmmmmm......I did share...well I gave him 2 thats close enough LMAO!!!Then we came home and played some more wii and Al discovered that I'm not too bad at the golf either.......the hard way......LOL......don't know how well he's coping with me beating him.......LOL!!Thankyou to everyone who left me some birthday cheer on the forum it was tops!!!!!It was an awesome day and I get to have another birthday celebration tomorrow at Mum and Dads......I feel like the queen having two celebrations.......wonder if I should wear my tiara......LOL.Tonight Paige and I are off to for a girly crop night....can't wait.....we have to wear pink which is a bonus for me because I lurve pink!!!This morning I received my RAK for my cybercrop win at and OMG......its a rak and a half!!The lovely Lou sent me fozz felt,buttons,ribbons chipboard alphas.......oh my goodness I'll be having some fun with that lot thats for sure!!!!Thanks Louise you are awesome!!!!Okey dokey I'm off to have another go at my wii.......before the kids get here.......Take care ,Krissy xx

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to........ME!!!!!

Look what I got for valentines day!!!!Spoilt rotten aren't I!!Allan has more surprises up his sleeve this afternoon......he's going all out!!He's such a honey.....he always treats me like a princess......LOVE IT!!!!LOVE HIM!!!!Anyway I'm off to eagerly await the rest of my surprises and I'll post again later.......Have a great Valentines Day!!! Krissy officially 27 LOL!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1 more sleep! LOL

LOL just a little excited about my birthday tomorrow LOL!Can't help myself......I'm just a big kid at heart!!This is Al's valentines pressie.....(I won't show the inside in case he hops on and has a look at my blog ;-) )its a mini album with lots of lovey dovey stuff inside.I've only been able to scrap one LO this week due to my bathroom reno going on........thank god I don't have to have any more builders walking in and out!!!I just spent 2 hours scrubbing the dirty footprints off my cream tiles.........that was fun.....NOT!!!!We just need to get a vanity and tile and it'll be flash (will post pic's of before and after when it's all done)The shower is flash as......its like stepping into a space ship....not that I've ever been in a space ship LMAO!!!!Well I'm off to scrap the rest of the day away!Yay!!House is clean....washing is done......because I was soooooo not doing housework tomorrow!!!!Take care and thanks for taking a peek!!!Krissy xx

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Butter wouldn't melt.......

.......yeah right!She doesn't look naughty at all in photo's......she has had a great old time getting out everyday this week.We now have neighbours knocking on our door saying "your dogs out....again" Friday night was fun.........she pushed to front door open and bolted into the darkness.......I followed her and she had a ball running around in circles........its like she's thinking....."haha you've only got 2 legs.....nananananah!!!" Then just as I 'm running through the park trying to corner her......(everytime I got close she bolted again)....when I see these bright headlights behind me......I thought Al had parked the car so I could use the light to see her.......but they got brighter....and brighter......Yep you guessed it.....he'd driven right into the park (naughty boy!LMAO) (we discovered not that long ago she will hop straight into the car when she does the bolt......but if you follow her on foot she'll run a mile......) so he opens the door and says "come on girl...." in his best im not going to flog you voice LOL.....and she runs straight over and jumps in.Aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh PLEASE someone give me the hot tip on how to make her act like any other 6 year old dog!!!!! Jack is a top probs with him at all.....he does as he's told.....only barks when someone is near the house.....he's a licker and has a thing about chewing plastic things but he doesn't have a naughty bone in this body!I suppose thats the difference Kloe is purebred and Jack is a good old bitzer (named Jack because he was advertised at the RSPCA as a jack russell..........OMG I'm sooooo glad he wasn't......can you imagine me trying to cope with two Kloe's!!!!!!!!It doesn't bear thinking about......I'd probably be super fit though LOL!!!!Now you have seen the culprit.......TFL Krissy xx

These are this weekends accomplishments!I've taken part in 2 cc's one is scrapbooksavvy which I have just joined.....everyone seems nice! I love the family one and have already asked Dad to make me one of his gorgeous frames for it so I can put it up in the lounge room!!TFL Krissy xx

Friday, February 8, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Waffling on today!!!!LOL

Sometimes I drive myself mad......poor Al he has to live with me LOL.....I've spent 2 days looking for this photo of Lucy....because I had an idea and couldn't get it out of my head....I searched my desk,trashed my scrappin/sewing room and still couldn't find it.I even sent a text to my brother to see if I'd given it to him......he was going to search Mum and Dads house for me ;) ...he's a good brother.......I was about to stamp my feet and have a good old dummy spit when I thought to myself....mmmmm haven't had a look at my first ever scrapbook album in a while (it is horrendous LOL) and whatdya know there it is already scrapped with photos of the other quick as a flash I scanned it and printed it out on my demonic printer that has just started to eat photo's periodically :0 Allan had a little tanty of his own last week when it decided that some of his quote sheets would be a bit tasty LMAO.....his dummy spits have waaaaaaayyyyyy more swear words than mine......well I did warn him it wasn't behaving!!!!Oh I forgot to mention that some of the LO's on the last post where for a cybercrop at Bons scraps....I only joined last week and they all seem really was a massive stretch to finish 3 LO's in 3 days......(with a hangover x2 LOL) but I did it!Anyway I'm off to have a go at my random challenge I've been given at Forever Always to create a LO with 3 photo's, no colour (aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh I love colour!!!!) just black and white....including the photo's (thats hunky dorey I love B+W pics!) and patterned paper I've had for more then 2's a challenge and a half!Plus I have to do the word challenge.....I got to pick the word and I've chosen VALENTINE because it's only 9 more days until I'm 27!!!!!YAY!!!!!Thanks for having a peek! :) Krissy xx

Monday, February 4, 2008

Busy,busy,busy!!!As well as being out Friday and Saturday night I managed to sign myself up for 2 cybercrops and this is what I came up with.The red one was meant to be for the cc but I stuffed up on the rules so it is going to be my entry for the 123challenge instead.TFL Krissy xx

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Bianca!!!

We had a great time at Bianca's party last night...even though we where soooooo late!Sorry again Shelly!I love this photo of Nic,Shelly and I!Ok I have decided to give the flower ban another go.....(maybe just for today anyway LOL!!) I just finished these two LO's about Dad and Josh....had wanted to try the bubble wrap stamping with paint but I couldn't find any......never any when you want it! I had a play with styrofoam instead and I love it!!!It looks a bit like when you use a paint roller with not enough paint on it!!Well now that I've just recovered from last nights drinkies we are off fo more at a friends place.....when Al comes home that is!I'm sooooo excited because we are allowed to have Paige and Brandan for the night on the 15th so that I can take Paige to the crop night at Created By You!She doesn't know thats what we are doing yet.....I love surprises!!!Yay!!!Happy danced all over the place last night when I found out that I had won one of the CC challenges at Forever Always! and a RAK!!WOOOOHOOOO!!!!Anyway best be off before Allan comes home and wonders why I'm not even dressed yet LOL!!!!!TFL Krissy xx

Friday, February 1, 2008

My latest.......

I know I said I'd set a personal challenge to not use any flowers this week......but I couldn't...(I know...I have Nooooo willpower!!LOL) Anyway these are my LO's for this week so far ;) I used my leftovers from Jody's class this week with the cricut for my P and the little flourishes. Note to NOT forget to wear your glasses when cutting out fiddly things......I made the mistake of not wearing them at scrapping on wednesday night and my head was pounding like someone had a jack hammer and was trying to dig their way to China! Not fun......kept me awake until 3am needless to say I was walking around like a zombie or like I had a hangover......just without the fun part!!!! Houdini.....I mean Kloe did a runner in the wee hours of this morning and Al's brother had to catch her because I was still catching zzzzzzz's HAHA!!!She walks all over him .....he's too soft LOL....We are off to Shelly's house tonight for a BBQ for Bianca's birthday......singstar......mental note need to consume copious amounts of Jimmy before taking the singstar challenge!!!LOL!!I can't help it if I'm tone deaf LMAO! Glad everyone had a giggle at the last was giggle worthy :)!!TFL Krissy xx