Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1 more sleep! LOL

LOL just a little excited about my birthday tomorrow LOL!Can't help myself......I'm just a big kid at heart!!This is Al's valentines pressie.....(I won't show the inside in case he hops on and has a look at my blog ;-) )its a mini album with lots of lovey dovey stuff inside.I've only been able to scrap one LO this week due to my bathroom reno going on........thank god I don't have to have any more builders walking in and out!!!I just spent 2 hours scrubbing the dirty footprints off my cream tiles.........that was fun.....NOT!!!!We just need to get a vanity and tile and it'll be flash (will post pic's of before and after when it's all done)The shower is flash as......its like stepping into a space ship....not that I've ever been in a space ship LMAO!!!!Well I'm off to scrap the rest of the day away!Yay!!House is clean....washing is done......because I was soooooo not doing housework tomorrow!!!!Take care and thanks for taking a peek!!!Krissy xx

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