Friday, February 1, 2008

My latest.......

I know I said I'd set a personal challenge to not use any flowers this week......but I couldn't...(I know...I have Nooooo willpower!!LOL) Anyway these are my LO's for this week so far ;) I used my leftovers from Jody's class this week with the cricut for my P and the little flourishes. Note to NOT forget to wear your glasses when cutting out fiddly things......I made the mistake of not wearing them at scrapping on wednesday night and my head was pounding like someone had a jack hammer and was trying to dig their way to China! Not fun......kept me awake until 3am needless to say I was walking around like a zombie or like I had a hangover......just without the fun part!!!! Houdini.....I mean Kloe did a runner in the wee hours of this morning and Al's brother had to catch her because I was still catching zzzzzzz's HAHA!!!She walks all over him .....he's too soft LOL....We are off to Shelly's house tonight for a BBQ for Bianca's birthday......singstar......mental note need to consume copious amounts of Jimmy before taking the singstar challenge!!!LOL!!I can't help it if I'm tone deaf LMAO! Glad everyone had a giggle at the last was giggle worthy :)!!TFL Krissy xx

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