Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Waffling on today!!!!LOL

Sometimes I drive myself mad......poor Al he has to live with me LOL.....I've spent 2 days looking for this photo of Lucy....because I had an idea and couldn't get it out of my head....I searched my desk,trashed my scrappin/sewing room and still couldn't find it.I even sent a text to my brother to see if I'd given it to him......he was going to search Mum and Dads house for me ;) ...he's a good brother.......I was about to stamp my feet and have a good old dummy spit when I thought to myself....mmmmm haven't had a look at my first ever scrapbook album in a while (it is horrendous LOL) and whatdya know there it is already scrapped with photos of the other dogs.....so quick as a flash I scanned it and printed it out on my demonic printer that has just started to eat photo's periodically :0 Allan had a little tanty of his own last week when it decided that some of his quote sheets would be a bit tasty LMAO.....his dummy spits have waaaaaaayyyyyy more swear words than mine......well I did warn him it wasn't behaving!!!!Oh I forgot to mention that some of the LO's on the last post where for a cybercrop at Bons scraps....I only joined last week and they all seem really nice....it was a massive stretch to finish 3 LO's in 3 days......(with a hangover x2 LOL) but I did it!Anyway I'm off to have a go at my random challenge I've been given at Forever Always to create a LO with 3 photo's, no colour (aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh I love colour!!!!) just black and white....including the photo's (thats hunky dorey I love B+W pics!) and patterned paper I've had for more then 2 months.....it's a challenge and a half!Plus I have to do the word challenge.....I got to pick the word and I've chosen VALENTINE because it's only 9 more days until I'm 27!!!!!YAY!!!!!Thanks for having a peek! :) Krissy xx

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