Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bits and bobs

I did this LO for Jules blog challenge and used my new stampin up stamps!!Love that roller stamp!I made it 3D of my usual style LOL and guess what??I won a prize!!Woohoo!!Thanks so much Jules!!Please excuse the crazy pic of me.....LOL being my usual carzy self with my gorgeous Mum :) Ive had lots going on this week so far!!I had my first kit for sale at Allcraftz over the weekend and OMG it sold out in 2 days!!!2 days!!I coldn't believe it!!I now have another kit for sale using the BG euphoria papers and if you are interested you can check it out HERE.My first class will be coming up very very soon too WOOHOO!!For more details on kits classes etc please visit my DT blog HERE.The olympics are over :( and I am going to have to miss the closing ceremony because I will be on a plane......yep you heard it right Im actually going somewhere LOL!!To Melbourne in fact for the weekend.....cant wait!!We are flying down tomorrow and driving back in the truck that Allan bought.......big road trip but Al has promised we will get some time to take in some sights :) So prepare for some nice new pic's....hopefully LOL!!We have a house and dog sitter so we will have nothing to do but enjoy our time......should be fab!!!Im off to pack.......and scrap of course LOL TFL and take care.......Krissy xx

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New stuff this week

These are a few of my new bits and bobs this week!Ive been scrapping up a storm LOL!!Had a fantastic time yesterday at my friend Nicholes little man Sams 1st birthday.....I love kids parties!!I stuffed my face with all sorts!!Loved the lactose free was yummo!!This afternoon I am off to Jody's where Nic is doing a PMS (pizza,music and stamping) afternoon with all of her Stampin Up goodies....woohoo!!Its going to be heaps of fun!!Please check out my DT blog......I have some exciting news!Thats about it for now I think.......TFL Krissy xx

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have been flat out!!!Creating class LO's, making LO's for kits......challenges.....OMG the list is never ending!!!!First and foremost is the CYBERCROP at ALLCRAFTZ this weekend!!!The theme is "we are family" and there are some super dooper challenges happening!!!One of which is designed by yours truely so be sure to stop by and have a lookie :) I nearly uploaded my sample by accident ooooopsie LOL!!!My first classes will be coming up soon too so check out my DT blog for details soon :) Im off to scrap!!Have a fandabbydosey day everyone!!!TFL Krissy xx

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm back!!

I'm back in action after spending a week helping Lyns move house!I had a fandabbydosey time with my gorgeous little peeps Josh and Morgan (took a heap of pic's to scrap too ;)) It was a bit hectic but I was really glad to be able to help Lyns out :) The kids loved having me there for a week too.....poor little Mo broke my heart yesterday when they dropped me back at Mum and Dads for Allan to come and pick me up.......she cried so hard it was awful :( She kept saying "you no need go home DD you stay with me" I think Morgan and I are like little peas in a pod she does everything like me I am a major sookie lala LOL!!!Anyway I have a heap of scrapping to catch up on :O DT work,challenges,sketchie work......the list goes on and on!!!Good job I LOVE IT!!

TFL Krissy xxxxxxx

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

OMG I havent updates in ages!!!

OK these are just a couple of my new LO's......blogger is going way too slow today and wont let me upload anymore......I am sick :( I have the worst flu at the moment.....and I'm being a big sooky lala about it LOL!!Good job I am married to the best man in the world who is spoiling me rotten......he bought me all sorts of cold and flu tablets, a new supply of tissues and some lip balm for my sore lips :) and to top it off he went and did all the grocery shopping so I didnt have to.......he is so good :) We have had an eventful week this week.....kloe (aka houdini) has been getting out nearly everyday since I got back from mum and dads (aaaargggghhh) and on Tuesday she broke through 2 fences and almost killed someones pet chicken :( I was soooooo mad at her.....the lady said it was OK but it wasn't ok with me......anyway by the time I had chased Kloe around the streets (with a fever) for half an hour and finally cornered her in a neighbours yard Allan went to see the chook owner and the chook was up and eating phew.....what a relief!Kloe has been on lock down ever since because i just know she will keep going on the search of chickens again......norty dog that she tip:NEVER own a pure bred jack russell!!!!!!!On the subject of dogs I got a disturbing call from mum yesterday saying Lucy was gone......we have had Lucy for about 12 years and she never gets out of the yard (unlike some dogs LOL) so we where all panicking that maybe it was "that time" and she had gone off to be alone.......we where all stressing to the max about poor old Luce and dad was at work racking his brain as to where she might have gone when the penny remembered the last time he saw the old girl was the night before when he went to the shed to lock it the first thing dad did when he got home was go out the back and Toby ran straight to the shed door and low and behold there she was!!!Snuggled up on dads chair!!!PHEW!!!!So glad she is ok :) we always forget that she is getting old because she never sits still!!Shes a great dog :)Lyns had a great 30th birthday and she loved her pressies!!I'll upload the pages from her album tomorrow so you can see cute baby Lyns :) Dad has his birthday this saturday so we are going to visit for that (camera in hand of course ;) ) Don't forget to check out my new blog for my DT work HERE

take care :) and thanks for looking!Krissy xx

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Fancy winning a Gold Medal and some Great Prizes? Plus a place as our third and final Boutique Stylist is also up for grabs!! Here’s how you can win!! Registrations are NOW OPEN for our new MAJOR comp… The 2008 ScrapOlympics The competition will start with the Opening Ceremony on Fri July 4 and run for 3 ½ weeks. July is an excellent month to get yourself involved at ScrapBoutique! It’s our First Birthday Celebration month, and that means there are stacks of fun activities and challenges to get your mojo flowing in a big way!! Plus, our Big Celebration Cybercrop is coming up at the end of the month! Here’s the Deal…. This comp is not just based on scrapping ability!! Points will be allocated for a variety of things, and will go towards your final Medal Tally… Points System - 20 points – for completing each week’s ScrapOlympic Challenge. Plus 20 Bonus Points if you complete ALL 4 Challenges. Top 3 Voted entries each week will receive 10, 5 and 2 points respectively. Weekly winner will receive a small prize pack from the Boutique. 10 points – For completing any other official ScrapBoutique Competitions or Challenges (during the competition) 5 points for every $20 you spend in the boutique (you will need to enter your comp id in the comments box) 2 points – for every 10 posts you make in the Forum. There will also be Spot Bonus Points items throughout the competition….so keep your eyes open! The Weekly Medal Tally will be displayed for the first 2 weeks only, then it will go into hiding until the medals are awarded at the closing ceremony. The Prizes – Gold Medallist - $100 ScrapBoutique Gift Voucher Silver Medallist - $40 ScrapBoutique Gift Voucher Bronze Medallist - $20 ScrapBoutique Gift Voucher What you need to do…. -Register your interest in the Registration Thread. -Choose which country you will be representing at the ScrapOlympics. Get in quick, because each country can only be represented by One person! -ON the FIRST DAY of the comp – you need to see the “list of countries” and enter your current forum post tally, so that I can keep track of them during the comp. -Get ready for a fun, scrappy time of Olympic proportions!!! Note – The winner of the Boutique Stylist position will not necessarily be the Gold Medallist. This position will be judged by myself and the current stylists on the quality of your entries, plus your overall participation in the ScrapBoutique community