Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy birthday Al! and some sneak peeks :D

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous man Al! Hope you have an awesome day babe I love you *mwah* xx

Ive been having a play with THIS and oh boy it was fun!!Loved these papers and I scrapped one of my favourite photos :D I'll show the full LO on Monday :D Lots of foam tape for lots of dimension ;-)

Hope you have all had a good week? The cybercrop was a huge success *mwah* and thanks to everyone who came along!The winners have been announced so if you joined in head on over to the forum and check it all out :)
Happy Scrapping
flowery hugs!
Krissy xx

Monday, January 25, 2010

whats new at Wicked Princesses!

its one for the boys :D The "my little monster" kit at Wicked Princesses is chocked full of yummy papers in bright colours along with some ultra cute alphas,cardstock and a heap of embellies :D For those that want to get in early before the 1st of february you can buy your kit on pre-order and beat the rush :)

These kits qualify for the lucky order # prizes too....there is still 2 more chance to win this month and I can tell you all that the very next customer will be one of them ;-) Hows that for a hot tip lol :)

I had my 1st big supplier order arrive today and spent the afternoon checking it all out and working out what should go where for kits etc....I was in scrapping heaven!!Ive been busily adding it all to the shop and there is still a heap more to add :-)

Im so thrilled with the awesome turn out for the cybercrop it is fandabbydosey to have so many lovelies join Kirsty and I for a fun filled cybercrop full of inspiration and giggles :)

okies gotta run so many products to list so little time lol

Happy scrapping
Flowery hugs!
Krissy xx

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kirstys challenge at Wicked Princesses

The cybercrop at Wicked Princesses is well underway and there has been a fandabbydosey turn out to celebrate the 1st cybercrop of the year and my 1st cybercrop as the new owner :D There is still plenty of time to join in all challenges are due midnight wednesday :)

Kirstys class last night was awesome!Its still up on the forum if you missed out but would like to join in :D Mine is almost finished im still on the faffing stage ;-)

Challenge 3 is to make something to help you stay organised so I made this to stick onto my cupboard door in my scraproom to remind me of my little jobs or things I need to order ;-) I laminated the base piece so I can write on it with a whiteboard marker and rub it off when im done :)

a little close up :)
OKies happy scrapping and flowery hugs everyone!
Krissy xx

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wicked Pincesses challenges 1 & 2 are up now!

Hiya lovelies :) Whats on the agenda for your weekend? want to come and play with us at our "new" themed cybercrop? Kirsty and i have put together some super fun challenges for you all and challenge 1 & 2 are up and ready to inspire you now :)

Challenge 1 is to use this sketch and the word "new" in the title or journalling :)

I scrapped about my gorgeous boy nephew Josh and his recent skill in climbing up to my brothers old tree house :) I can remember Josh when he was about 3 asking when he could sit up there and we always told him "when you are a big boy you can climb up there" and now that he is a big boy 10 year old he could so he did!

Challenge 2 is a challenge with a twist, make sure you check out the forum for the challenge details :D
My gorgeously fandabbydosey husband Al always buys me choccies when he does the shopping (even if he does end up eating most of them lol) and I thought it would be fun to turn an empty box into a container for some cards I have made for my mum and dad to give away :)

I'll have to make myself one now lol

Hope you will come along to join in the fun at Wicked Princesses!!It'd be fandabbydosey if you did :)
Happy Scrapping
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Join us for some cybercropping fun!

This weekend is the start of our 1st cybercrop of the year and we would love for you to join us for some happy scrapping and a fandabbydosey FREE class with our lovely DT Princess Kirsty :D Clickety click on the picture to take you to Wicked Princesses to find out more :D

Hope to see you there!

Happy Scrapping and Flowery hugs :)

Krissy xx

Monday, January 18, 2010

Have you seen these?

New fluffies! Vibrant red with polka dots :D Super cute and a fun embellie for a LO or card :D Available from Wicked Princesses now :) You can find them HERE

Sneaky peeks of Februarys kits available on pre-order now if you dont want to miss out when they are released on February 1st :D They are chocked full of gorgeous papers and embellies :DCheck them out instore HERE

Okies im off to play with them.....I spoiled myself and bought myself one of each so keep an eye out for sneak peeks!
What have you got on next weekend? Have some time for scrapping? Then why not join us for a fabbo cybercrop running from the 22nd -27th of January it will be lots of fun with great prizes to be won and some challenges to inspire everyone :D Hope to see you there!
Happy scrapping and flowery hugs to you all :)
Krissy xx

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Created using the January kit :D Far out there is STILL heapsof papers and embellies left after 3 LO's :O I think I could get at least another LO and maybe a few cards! Im going to keep going til I run out so you can all see what great value it is when you see how much you can get from one kit :D

You can just make out the rotunda where we said our vows 3 years the top corner of the photo :) It was gorgeous on our wedding day :)
We decided to go to the ekka as part of our anniversary celebrations last year because when I planned our wedding I totally forgot and then we had issues with guests parking etc lol But it was cool to have all the rides in the backgrounds of our piccies :) It was quirky like we are LOL

" He lived life" is what my Mum always says about her Dad, my Granda I never got to meet ( he passed away while mum was pregnant with me :( ) I adore this photo of him at my Great Uncle David and Great Aunt Adriannes wedding....I dont know what year it was i'll have to ask mum. To me you can see a bit of his personality mum has always told me about he loved to make people laugh and he was always the life of the party, he was spontaneous and he lived life to the fullest......I like how it has turned out :) Hope mum does too :)

Have you been to check out the sneak peeks of next months kits at Wicked Princesses? The stock arrived yesterday and once I'd cracked open the boxes I was in lurve......some yummy goodies indeed! Dont forget to check in for hints about the cybercrop too :D
Okies Im off to clean the house and blast some tunes :D
Have a fabbo day and thanks for visiting I always love reading everyones comments *mwah*
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I played with this.......

this months big kit @ Wicked Princesses :D I couldnt resist the gorgeousness any longer lol It was waaaaay too tempting!

I've made this so far.........inspired by this months challenge at Scrap the girls :D Wicked Princesses are sponsoring this month :D So join in for a chance to win a voucher to spend in my shop :)

Me and my Princess niece Morgan from christmas day 2 years ago :)

Some close ups :)

Theres plenty more to come this kit is full of gorgeousness to play with!!
Remember the sneak peek from the other day? Below is the full LO :D My week 2 BOM challenge at Wicked Princesses :D A-Z of me :) ok so admittedly towards the x,y and z I was all out of ideas but it was fun to do :) wanna join in? There is still time! No deadlines B-) all you have to do is complete all challenges by the end of the year to win a prize pack :)

Ok so it is official......Im hooked on Facebook LOL Its terrible! I need to tell myself to stoppit LOL It has been very cool to catch up with some of the people I went to school with and to see them all looking so happy and doing so well :D Plus Ive got so many scrapping lovelies on my friends list! Yay!! Im loving it! If you are on FB and want to add me send a request :)
Okies Im off to play!
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx
P.S massive *mwah* to all who sent me congrats on my HM and mentioned me on their blogs {{hugs}} you are all lovely :D Especially Kate the great ;-) thanks chickies :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Masters Entry :)

The list is aout and a Massive congrats to this years masters! I cant wait to get a copy and check it all out :D

I didnt make the Masters list but I did get an HONOURABLE MENTION!! :O OMG happy dancing right now!! Congrats to some fandabbydosey scrapping friends who made the HM's list too :)

Tanya Tahir
Tiff Sawyer
Kerryn Lawson
Manon Keir

woohoo you rock chickadees!

From what I can gather the project I got a HM for was the shaped LO :D Thanks Tiff for letting me know ....Ive got no idea til I can get my hot little hands on the magazine lol

This was my mystery project :) I decorated a box and made an album from scratch and the whole things has lots of pockets,slides,flip ups :) I was really pleased with how it turned out :)

The front cover :)

close up of the double LO

More secret hiding places lol
The full double LO

My single LO :)

close up

More secret journalling oops I just realised I did that everytime LOL

thats it :) All loads of fun to make and I am really proud to have received a HM it is a real honour to have my name among the list of awesomeness :D I will definately have another go this year I enjoyed joining in :)
In other fandabbydosey exciting news I had an email from Cassie from SBM asking me to take part in a product challenge :O yippeeeeee!! Just a wee bit excited LOL Im sure she must have had a giggle when she got my reply it was all OMG's and yippees LOL ah well thats me :)
OKies better go my tummy is grumbling and dinner is ready :)
flowery hugs!
Krissy xx

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Its a card......

for my brother GF Jill for her birthday :) Her fave colour is green so green it had to be! I had to mix it with white otherwise I was struggling lol usually the only time green comes anywhere near my work is when its a leaf attached to a flower PMSL
Like the butterfly? I lurve it :D
Went for my wander down to the PO today and had a wander through the shops while I was there all good til I went to walk home and oh boy was it hot! My face was roaring red when I got home lol its never a good look lol
Okies im off to play in my scrap room :D
Flowery hugs!
Krissy xx

Monday, January 11, 2010

No need to check your screen resolution...... is purple lol I scrapped my feared colour and didnt mind it mixed in with some yummy pale aqua :D This is a sneaky peeky of the second B.O.M challenge over at Wicked princesses :) Its not too late to join in if anyone is interested in doing the challenges :) The next challenge will be announced on the 14th......I think lol I'll have to double check that lol

I finally joined facebook and far out seeing people I went to school with again was weird!I was looking at the profile pics thinking "ummm am I the only one without kids?" I didnt keep in touch with any of them after school and they probably dont remember me ( I was mega quiet LOL) but I have found some of my gorgeous friends and lots of my scrapping chickies which is fandabbydosey :)

Okies better dash Ive got orders to sort out :D yippee love it!

Have a fabbo day and happy scrapping!

Flowery hugs

Krissy xx

Thursday, January 7, 2010

sneak reveal and a diorama card

This is the full LO I showed sneakys of the other day :) Its my example for the 1st BOM (book of me) challenge I have started up over at Wicked Princesses.There will be 2 challenges a month and for each person that completes every challenge at the end of the year Im going to give them a prize pack :D Its a win win, you get to create lots of LO's and get a reward at the end :D To register head over to Wicked Princesses and sign up :)

The lovely Kate asked me to show how I make my diorama cards so I did a quick tutorial on the forum at WP :D This is my example I made using some left overs from the little ladies kit and a few bits from the skys the limit kit both are only $17.50! I managed to do 2 LO's from each kit and still have heaps left over for cards or another LO so they are great value :)

Please excuse my fingers in the piccie lol I was trying to get a decent piccie of the dimension lol
So now my tally sits at 2 LO's and a card this year :)
I gave my blog a pink makeover to match the Wicked Princesses banner I like it! Do you?
whats everyone up to today? Im cleaning then scrapping woohoo!
Flowery hugs!
Krissy xx

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Say hello to my little friend..... my example using Kayla Renee's gorgeous colour selection for Januarys colour challenge at Wicked Princesses :D Such a yummy combo I couldnt resist joining in!

hehehe I couldnt resist the title lol Everyone that knows Morgan is well aquainted with "Little one" who is never too far from Morgans side 24/7 :) She sleeps with her,talks to her,changes her clothes and even asks Auntie to " say hello to little one " on the phone lol I had a baby like that when I was her age (still have my samuel doll lol) so I understand her special bond with her little one :)

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to all who follow and leave comments *mwah* it means alot to me I really appreciate it :)
Flowery hugs!!
Krissy xx

Monday, January 4, 2010

its my first.......

.......layout for 2010 :) But its just a sneaky peeky til the 7th ;-) Im really pleased with how it has turned out :)

Have you been over to join in the fun at Wicked Princesses yet? It has been fandabbydosey to have so many lovelies sign up and join in the fun :D It makes my heart smile *mwah* to you all :)
Okies better run I have to go to the post office before it gets too late :)
Flowery hugs peoples!
Krissy xx

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and yay Wicked Princess kits!

Happy New year everyone! Thanks so much for your gorgeous comments on my previous post *mwah* you are all so lovely :) We had a quiet night with some fabbo people ,great food,good music and lots of great conversation :D It was a fab night :)

Yay here are my examples using my first ever kits as the new owner of Wicked Princesses!!I had soooooo much fun with all 3 of the kits and got 2 LO's from each with enough leftover to make a third or a few cards :D each kit has a RRP of $22.00 but Ive got them for sale at the bargain price of $17.50 great value considering they are packed full of great supplies :) These are limited in stock and once they are gone they wont be back.

These where both created using the "Skys the limit kit" :D Great for boys or girls :)

These where done using the "little ladies" kit

These two where created using the "whoo loves you" kit

There are lots of fab challenges,comps and prizes to be won this month as a celebration of me taking over as the new owner so if you'd like to be a part of all the fun and have the chance to win a prize then head over to the forum and join in :D Wicked Princesses
Enjoy the rest of your night and thanks heaps for stopping by!
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx