Thursday, January 7, 2010

sneak reveal and a diorama card

This is the full LO I showed sneakys of the other day :) Its my example for the 1st BOM (book of me) challenge I have started up over at Wicked Princesses.There will be 2 challenges a month and for each person that completes every challenge at the end of the year Im going to give them a prize pack :D Its a win win, you get to create lots of LO's and get a reward at the end :D To register head over to Wicked Princesses and sign up :)

The lovely Kate asked me to show how I make my diorama cards so I did a quick tutorial on the forum at WP :D This is my example I made using some left overs from the little ladies kit and a few bits from the skys the limit kit both are only $17.50! I managed to do 2 LO's from each kit and still have heaps left over for cards or another LO so they are great value :)

Please excuse my fingers in the piccie lol I was trying to get a decent piccie of the dimension lol
So now my tally sits at 2 LO's and a card this year :)
I gave my blog a pink makeover to match the Wicked Princesses banner I like it! Do you?
whats everyone up to today? Im cleaning then scrapping woohoo!
Flowery hugs!
Krissy xx


Tanya said...

oooh so beautiful! Such a sweet card too! Oh and I love your new look blog :D

Kerryn said...

Awesome work chickadee! The blog looks good too!!

Stacey Young said...

Lovely layout and super cute card:) Thanks about the comment on my flowers....... I must get some of yours someday........ Hope you are well:)

Ceci said...

The BOM sounds great..have just registered and waiting for my account to be activated...then I am going to sign up! :) Love your new pink look and the LO is gorgeous Krissy.

lkamphuis said...

Happy New Year - HOW Cute is that card!!! I loved those papers too

Anonymous said...

Love the new look blog! Gorgeous card and LO too. I'm going to check out the BOM challenge - sounds like fun!

Ali said...

Cool card and fabbo LO. Nice colour choice for your blog too - very fresh :)

Scoobie said...

Love the white space on the layout - It's just very, very beautiful.

And the card is stinking cute!