Monday, January 11, 2010

No need to check your screen resolution...... is purple lol I scrapped my feared colour and didnt mind it mixed in with some yummy pale aqua :D This is a sneaky peeky of the second B.O.M challenge over at Wicked princesses :) Its not too late to join in if anyone is interested in doing the challenges :) The next challenge will be announced on the 14th......I think lol I'll have to double check that lol

I finally joined facebook and far out seeing people I went to school with again was weird!I was looking at the profile pics thinking "ummm am I the only one without kids?" I didnt keep in touch with any of them after school and they probably dont remember me ( I was mega quiet LOL) but I have found some of my gorgeous friends and lots of my scrapping chickies which is fandabbydosey :)

Okies better dash Ive got orders to sort out :D yippee love it!

Have a fabbo day and happy scrapping!

Flowery hugs

Krissy xx


Manon Keir said...

Hi lovely!! oh lala, you do purple so well!!! Better look you up hey. Hugs xxx

kate said...

aw cant believe i have to wait til the 14th!! LOL

love having you on my facebook xox

Kerryn said...

oooh looks nice!!!

NO, you didn't do the facebook thing did you! I am avoiding it at all costs LOL. I spend enough time on here as it is ;).

Stacey Young said...

The purple looks great... I know what you mean, I rarely use purple too! I will have to look you up on facebook...... and all the other girls:)I don't use facebook that much just to have a sticky on what everyone else is doing or done since school:)

Anonymous said...

The purple looks great - can't wait to see the revealed LO :-) Will have to get onto that BOM challenge!

It's funny seeing people from school on facebook, and what they've done. I don't use it that much either but it is interesting.

Ceci said...

Hi Krissy I tried to sign up last week for the first BOM, but the site still won't let me sign in with the name and password that I have in my email. :(

Kirsty said...

I am loving FB....thanks for friending me :)

Felicity said...

love the sneak peak.
when life is back to normally next week, I should be at WP more :) x

Scoobie said...

The purple/green combo looks great. Can't wait to see the rest.

I did the FB thing this weekend, too. I've recisted as hard as I could, but had to give in due to some scrappy events coming up.

I'm so little interested in my old school mates everyday life, so I have ignored a lot of friendly requests. That's feeding my bitch reputation *lol* Holy cow, I was fed up them twenty years ago and have no intention to mingle with them today, either.

Ali said...

Lol at the fb comments! I, too ignore the friend requests from people I haven't spoken to in 20 years but you can be my friend if you want to Krissy :)

BTW love love that peak - looks yummy.