Monday, January 4, 2010

its my first.......

.......layout for 2010 :) But its just a sneaky peeky til the 7th ;-) Im really pleased with how it has turned out :)

Have you been over to join in the fun at Wicked Princesses yet? It has been fandabbydosey to have so many lovelies sign up and join in the fun :D It makes my heart smile *mwah* to you all :)
Okies better run I have to go to the post office before it gets too late :)
Flowery hugs peoples!
Krissy xx


Tanya said...

Your sneak looks absolutely lovely! I had a think last night about what my little word would be and I have already done a layout on it - "strive" so I think I might make that my word for 2010 ;)

Courtney Baker said...

Wow looks great!

Kerryn said...

Woohoo for the first layout this year. Look forward to the full reveal :).