Friday, April 29, 2011

Cybercrop tonight @Wicked Princesses!

Hope you can join us!

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Krissy xx

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Words can mean so much.........

........and can help people in their saddest of times and I thank each and everyone of you who commented with your kind words over the loss of my Kloe girl {{hugs}} I really do appreciate your kindness and understanding *mwah* She is gone but will never be forgotten...its like my brother said "Kloe left her mark wherever she went no-one will forget her" and since she passed away Ive heard so many Kloe stories ..some id forgotten and some I didnt even know about lol her and her shenanigans again lol I will be making myself a mini album about all her stories to remind myself of the funny things she did.......Jack the boy is slowly getting back to his old self or should I say "new" self ...he seems to be alot calmer,less rough and for some odd reason seems to be more my dog than Al's ....Kloe was always my baby and Jack was Al's man-dog into the rough stuff and super boysterous in all he is my gentle boy that sooks for a hug and a pat and follows me everywhere.I dont know whether its him knowing im missing Kloe so much or both of us missing her....or is it that he is kinda liking being the centre of attention? Who knows but he is thoroughly enjoying me fussing over him lol

So I thankyou for listening,reading and sharing your stories..and for the cyber hugs :)

The week of Kloe's passing was made further sad by the loss of a friend ..I hadnt known her very long but she made an instant impact on me with her amazing voice and heart of gold.I remember telling her the first time I met her  it wasnt fair to do karaoke when you can actually sing lol she laughed and winked at me and smiled her fabulous beaming smile.At Michelles funeral her music was played and I thought it was beautiful....she shouldve been famous with a voice like that and looking around at the many who came to pay their respects she was famous and did touch the hearts of so many different people in her 31 will always be remembered Michelle Rest in peace lovely xx

So there you have it April hasnt been the best of months sadly......but as the quote goes with every end there is a new beginning and the week following all this sadness we found out some fabulous friends of ours are expecting a baby this November :D We are thrilled for them and this child is truely a blessing and will have the best mummy and daddy ....I love that my friends are getting their "happily ever afters" Happy times are what makes the sad times that little bit easier to bear.Anywhoo enough of my babbling.......i havent been creating very much lately (well I have but I either forgot to photograph them or cant because they are pressies ;-) ) but I did make cards for our friends birthdays last week so here they are.......

Kirstens card.....

and Jasons card.........

and thats about it for me for currently playing with needle and thread and creating things for the retreat ;-) Its wicked good fun :) 

I will try to remember to photograph my other LO's and card tomorrow and upload them :)

Thanks for stopping by
Krissy xx

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My heart is broken :'(

This morning I found my beloved Kloe girl had passed away through the night :'( I have cried a river and am devastated my girl is gone :(

Most people that know me know that we dont have kids and so our pets are like our kids...Kloe was our first and she was the runt of the litter,my 22nd birthday present from my mum and dad and she had a hernia so the breeders sold her off cheap.....she was one of a kind and the best dog ever...there was never a dull day with Kloe around.....I lost count of how many time she escaped and I walked the streets to find her and bring her home...I used to get so cross at her...not for her getting out but for making me to scared she would be lost or hit by a car.....but one look at that gorgeous face and a wag of her tail..which never stopped wagging ..and my heart melted and she was back in the good books.

She had springs in her feet,always made this funny bark in the morning that sounded more like "hello" than a bark,she could find her way out of the most secure yard,howled and cried anytime we went out,licked my face everytime I bent down to pick up the washing from the basket to hang it on the line ,barked and stuck her nose through the screen to "remind" us it was dinner time and she was the gentlest most kindest ,sweetest dog ever...she would never hurt a fly. Most days she drove us mad with her shenanigans but she was ours and for 8 years we loved her everyday.....we thought we wouldve more time with her.......I wish I had one more day with her  :'(

My heart is broken and I miss her so much already :(

Rest in peace my sweet Kloe girl I will never forget you xxxx

Friday, April 8, 2011

She loved it :D

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments about the bag I made *mwah* every one made me smile :)

Mum loved the bag! She used it as a handbag at the weekend :D She didnt realise the pleated part in the front is a pocket and was most impressed that I cam up with the idea while in the dentists chair lol I totally zoned out and was planning the bag in my head instead of focussing on what was actually happening lol

Some scrappy shares :)

I played with the space cadet kit (now sold out) and created these using some of my sketches for this month :)

This is what happens when you let Josh loose with your iphone and photobooth app lol I dont know whats with the tongue but I thought they where scrappable anyway :)
a very young me here and an even younger Josh :D Cant believe that little guy is going to be 12 at the end of the year :O How old do I feel lol I was a young 19 year old Auntie then ...hadnt even met Al yet!

Awww princess Morgan :) Inspired by the SYUS challenge this month of a sketch and the colours pink,yellow and blue :) I rotated the sketch so it would work with my photos :) SUYS is looking for some DT members too so check out the blog for more info :)

Exciting news!!

Would you like to be a part of a fun and friendly forum,have a fabulous kit to work with each month and design challenges and inspire others? If you answered yes then this is the opportunity for you!

Monthly requirements for the role are:

Regular chatting on our friendly forum

Supporting the gallery

Creating 4 kit examples each month (3 examples and a step by step)

Designing challenges and examples

In return you will receive a kit per month to create examples and step by step with and a generous store discount

How to apply:

Wicked Princesses is a kit based site and I would love to see how you work with one of the kits in the store. The successful applicant will each month be required to create 3 kit examples and a step by step with the kit. I would like to see your work and the sorts of things you would create with the kit other requirements of the application is designing challenges for cybercrops and monthly challenges so I would love for you to design a challenge and create an example.

Tell us a bit about yourself ! How long have you been scrapping? Family,work etc any other info you would like to share including why you would love to be on the wicked DT

Send your photos of your kit creations,challenge and example and your bio to

Applications close 15th of May 2011 and the successful applicant will be announced on the 31st of May.

As a bonus for those wishing to start right away I am offering 15% off ALL kits instore even the new ones! *no vouchers or further discount codes are valid on kits during the sale*

Good luck everyone! I can't wait to see all the applications

If you have any questions please email me on the above email addy and I will get back to you asap
OKies better go and get dinner cooked before I blind scrap with the gorgeous Hannah tonight :D
Thanks so much for stopping by *mwah*
Krissy xx