Saturday, February 23, 2008

OMG!!!!It is soooooo hot!!!

It is a sweltering 40 degree's here today.......ugh sweating like a pig!I wanted to do some scrapping today but just managed to finish the "Laugh" LO and have given up......being sweaty and scrapbooking just doesn't go together LOL!!!I had heaps of fun doing the LO on Josh with the snakes at Currumbin did a bit of stamping with bubble wrap.......I like it!!!Plus I got to use the awesome metal letters Lyns bought for me for my birthday.........LOVE THEM LYNS!!!!Well I'm off to do my homework for Jody's workshop tomorrow then I've got to get ready to partay.....LOL.....I'm soooo taking me camera LOL!!!!Thanks for having a peek Krissy xx


Renee Dowling said...

Hey Krissy,

That LO rocks, I just luv what you have done with the staming!!! WTG.. and I was totally freakin out when I saw your kiddo wrapped in that snake LOL!

Kate said...

Love your LAUGH LO Krissy, it is absolutely gorgeous!! mind if I scraplift it? ;)

J&MNannie said...

Hey wee bird, I was able to take a better look at your pages (looking at work is not such a good idea - I usually get caught out) and after the earring back fiasco last week I really have to act my age ;)- I just love the lo's (getting good at this scrapping jargon) The bubblewrap snakeskin is awesome and of course your models are devine. Keep up the good work - cannot wait to see the pages when you come down- PS I forgot my password and this has taken for ever - thank goodness for copy and paste MA