Monday, March 22, 2010

Jules retreat :D

Is this weekend!!wooohooooo im going to be a little jetsetter for the weekend and fly down to spend the weekend with some fandabbydosey chickies scrapping :D Im making a list of things I need to bring so I dont forget anything lol

Ive been making a little stash of flowers to bring along to see if any of the girls are interested :D Its all very cute and im not finished yet still more to add :) If you are coming to Jules retreat and would like to order some let me know and i'll bring your order along so you'll get free postage.....or delivery via Krissy Post lol

Okies better go and do some work :)

Thanks for visiting and for all your cyber hugs in my last post {{hugs}} except the 2 wackos that left me not very nice ones :(

Flowery hugs!

Krissy xx


Kate said...

pmsl @ the whackos!! what weirdos. cant wait to see you on the weekend :D bring lots of flowers!!

jules said...

woohoo......2 more sleeps honey!!!! i am happy dancing around the place everywhere...i just can't wait!!!! we are all in for an awesome weekend!!!!!
see you soon
jules xxxx

Kate said...

yay can't wait to see you friday, think I better go check the store to see if there is anything I NEED ;)

Ali said...

Have a wonderful time Krissy, I'm sure you'll return home deflowered - oops that's sounds rude maybe flowerless is better?! :) Just went back and checked I wasn't one of the whackos lol - phew no not me!!

Stacey Young said...

Have fun Krissy:):) I know you will:):) What whackos......who would do such a thing??

Krissy Christie said...

The "whackos" made a comment about my cat dying and it wasnt very nice :( So I deleted them :D

lol Ali!

Have no idea who they where Stace probably just people with nothing better to do than be nasty....they must lead a very sad life if thats how they get their jollys lol