Sunday, December 28, 2008

oops I forgot.......

to do the whole Merry Christmas post on my blog :( oopsies LOL here it is better late than never PMSL this is me (red frog addict #1) photo taken by the lovely Linda at the scrapboutique bribane babes crop :)

Hope everyone had a fabbo christmas??Mine was fandabbydosey got totally spoilt rotten (again!!) I got so much cool stuff!!A DS and hair straightner from my gorgeous man,dressing gown,clothes,make up,frames and a heap of other stuff from mum and dad,a shrek the third game and DS case from Horsey (thanks buds) and a portmans voucher,scrapbook drawers and DVD's from Lyns,Matt and the kids......yep totally spoilt!!Love it all too :) We had a gorgeous day with the family christmas day (didnt take many pics though I was sick and I sliced my finger open eeeewwwwww it wasnt good :( Josh said not to show him in case he yakked LOL) but we are going to have a 2nd christmas (minus pressies LOL) when Granny comes :D YAY!!!Cant wait to see her!!Then boxing day Mum and I hit the shops (yes we are mad LOL) and came home to a seafood feast provided by Al :) Crabs,moreton bay bugs and prawns YUMMO!!We got home late yesterday and vegied out on the couch while devouring the leftovers Mum sent us home with :)
Today it is panic stations for me getting my butt into gear and getting organised for our little adventure........better go and do something.....just dont know where to start LOL!!

Take care and if my Uncle Gary is reading this Hiya and *mwah*!!!

Krissy xx


kate said...

very jealous of the frogs krissy hehe. no very jealous of the seafood though i would have yakked lol. have a great time away mate!! xo

Anonymous said...

Hope your Christmas was fabulous and wishing you all the best for a successful 2009!!! :) HUGS!!!