Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wowee bumblebee!

LOL ok its a lame title but it made ya look didnt it? lol The wowee is because I just looked at all the gorgeous faces in my followers box and there is 49!!Oh my how super duper fandabbydosey is that!Thanks so much to you all *mwah* you rock lovelies :D

Im down visiting the family this weekend :) My gorgeous princess peep Morgan is 4 on saturday so its time for the traditional sleep over the night before :D I think the only year I didnt was on Josh's 1st birthday.....but have stayed over the night before for all their other birthdays :D It means Lyns and Matt dont have to sorry about getting those "just out of bed,hair everywhere, half asleep opening pressies photos" LOL thats Aunties job ;-) Morgan has requested bowling and the movies to see "up" for her birthday so whatever the princess wants on her special day she shall have :D Mum is playing party organiser and making the following that Morgan asked for - Butter sandwiches,Nans sausage rolls and a HUGE chocolate cake lol Ive got her a fab little pile of pressies and Im itchin to give them to her lol I got her a Dora scrapbook album and filled it with LO's of her family (she loves looking at mine) a diary,an outfit,a handbag with little puppies in it and a new outfit for "little one" her beloved baby doll :D All wrapped in gorgeous pink wrapping paper ;-) For Josh's "not birthday" yes we are all that mad about birthdays we have not birthdays too lol I got him this cool digital thing that you clip to your belt and it monitors how active you are then you plug it into the computer and the more active you have been to more games you get to play!How cool is that!He will love it :) and Auntie loved the bargain of reduced from $70 to $10 :D there is nothing better than a good bargain I reckon.

The plans for the scrap room redecoration are coming along fab (because im in charge LOL) Ive picked the corner desk I want,worked out a plan and a budget and am planning on getting crackin on ripping up carpet ,polishing the floors and painting ASAP :D I think a change is as good as a holiday lol Moving rooms is as close as Im going to get to a holiday for a while so im excited lol!

Okies better go because the peeps will be knocking on the door before I know it in the morning lol Im normally still in my jammies lol

Dont forget to check out the cybercrop at Crafting In Style!!The girls have a fab weekend of happy scrapping planned for you all!!

Friday 25th September
7:00pm Sign in and chatter
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8:00pm Challenge 2: REUSE with Laura
8:30pm Challenge 3: RECYCLE with Kerryn

Saturday 26th September
8:00pm Live chat sign in
8:15pm Game: Scavenger Hunt with Lana
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Sunday 27th September
Scrap and chat all day!!!

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Thanks for stopping by lovelies and have a fab weekend!



Kerryn said...

Have a fab time spoiling your peeps :).

kate said...

have a lovely time with your peeps krissy!! wish you were my aunty!! hehe mwah xox

Kirsty said...

Awwww that sounds like SO much fun! Have an awesome time!

Felicity said...

sounds like a super great weekend. Have a great time partying!!

Tanya said...

Have a lovely time with the peeps :) The plans for your room sound ace! :D