Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Theres a bear in there.......

and a chair as well.....OMG Ive gone all playschool!!LOL I was trying to think of a good title for the post LOL........As per requested by the lovely Miss Kate T :) here is the photo of the latest bear for Josh's teacher who had a baby girl the other week :) The photo isnt great....it was a last minute thought before Lyns left with it LOL but you get the idea :) I had a phone call from Josh's Kindy teacher.......yes I still rememebered her name she is a lovely lady :) asking for a quote for 3 bears....:O......3 bears!!How cool is that!!I havent heard back yet whether the board agreed but we'll wait and see......could make me one step closer to a wii fit LOL!!
Who wants to do my first class????Its going to be fun!!(I hope LOL) No seriously it is up for sale at ALLCRAFTZ now!!!Check out a pic of the LO HERE Allan roused when he saw I did it about him LOL....oh well too bad LOL :D I have also been busily working on a few kits or classes......with some different templates added and some new techniques........its going to be fun :)
We had a fandabbydosey time with the family on Fathers Day!Dad loved his pressies and I am still aching from the wi fit LOL that hoola hooping really works out the tummy muscles!!Loved the ski jumping too.....I hold the high scores on both LOL little non sporty Krissy can do it on the computer but not in real life PMSL!!!It was heaps of fun though :) The kids loved it too...Morgan had a go at Yoga with me.....sooooo cute!!Apparently I have a bad BMI reading so Im on a mission to fix it......:) It'll be sweet :)
I got my new washing machine delivered yesterday.....OMG I love it!!Never thought Id say that about a washing machine LOL but this thing is like a space ship!!its all digital....and it plays me a happy little song when its finished LOL Love it!!Im working on a little album for Morgan for her 3rd birthday at the end of the month....she loves photos and Im hoping to create a little scrapper in the making LOL Trust me to give myself 2 weeks to do it in though LOL
I think thats about all for now.....exciting stuff hey LOL
Dont forget to check out my class girls!!!
Krissy xx

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Kate said...

very cute krissy im sure josh's teacher will treasure it forever. the washing machine sounds amazing wish i had a nifty washing machine hehe. glad u had a nice fathers day with your family krissy, the wii sounds like good fun, mick mentioned getting one for us for xmas but id rather scrapbooking stuff... that way my hands get exercise haha xo