Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weekend creations :)

This is a card for someone.....cant say who in case they read this LOL but anyway its for Karens challenge to make a card that is predominantly yellow.....which I would normally avoid but I had fun and Im really pleased with how the card came together! Anyway I hope that when it gets there it is liked :)

Sorry had to remove "Forever Love" for publishing!!:)

"Forever Love" is for the technique challenge by Ally.....we had to create a frame using stamps and also use some cut out stamp hearts and flowers for me of course ;) This photo is of Al and I on our anniversary last month.he wasnt pleased about me demanding another photo but he gave in LOL

"Angel" was inspired by a sketch from Liz :) Loved this one Liz! I adore this photo of Morgan at gymnastics....her teacher took it on dress-up day and gave Lyns a copy which of course I copied for myself LOL!!!
Ok thats the new scrappin stuff now onto me gibbering as usual LOL......Hey Jody Stinky is updating AGAIN!!!!LOL Oh and thanks again for letting me borrow your cricut lovey you are a star and a lifesaver *mwah* We went shopping today and bought a new washing machine wooooohooooooo!!It arrives on Monday.....guess what I'll be doing all week LOL I never thought I'd say this but "Im looking forward to doing some decent washing!!LOL"It has been seriously piling up.....Ive been hand washing what I can but it takes soooooo long to dry!Bought some goodies for Dad today while I was down visiting Jody ......its gonna be good Dad! ;) I think thats about it........have a fab saturday night people :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Krissy xx


jules said...

just gorgeous honey!!! the recipent of that gorgeous card will just love it i am sure!!

kate said...

you know who will love the card krissy ;) love your takes on all the challenges in the cc this month krissy as always :) you still havent posted a photo of the bear yet!!! LOL @ making allan have another photo for your anniversary- how special! best wishes for the washing this week! hope you bought a good one! xo