Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Much better today!!! :)

Back to normal....no steam coming out of my ears anymore!!!Allan thought the cake debarcle was funny and being the sweetie that he is said he would've eaten it anyway!!He thought it was cute that I'd tried!LOL!Had myself a bit of scrapping therapy last night to calm myself down and used the papers that Al bought me for christmas,I have been hanging out to use them and just lurve the colours!!That man has good taste!!OMG I just counted how many LO's I've done since I got back from Mum and Dad's and holey dooley I've finished 12 !!!Surprised I don't have a RSI (repetitive scrapbooking injury!!!LOL!)Its no wonder I've used up the last of my empty spots in my album!I'll have to buy some more on wednesday (hope you have a big supply Jody!!)I'm off to clean my scrappin room.....I have stuff everywhere......but when those ideas are flowing you don't want to stop!!! Shelly I'm looking forward to Bianca's birthday......definately need to consume lots of Jimmy before I'll have a go at singstar though LMAO!!!TFL!!!

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