Monday, April 14, 2008

Stealth mission completed :D

Tatum at CIS set a mini challenge for the CC at CIS this weekend which was to take some photo's that represent Autumn to you.....and I was totally stumped.....probably because we seem to skip autumn completely here is Brisbane!!!But then I remembered my next door neighbours Japanese Maple (I think thats what sort of tree it is.....if not I stand corrected LOL) It is a beautiful tree that looks like it is on fire in Autumn the reds and oranges are fabbo!!Anyhoo I went on a stealth mission to take some pics of her tree......I was going to knock and ask but she never answers her door........I would probably think it was wierd if someone knocked on my door and asked to photograoh one of my trees LOL.......Kloe got into her yard one day and by the time I had stood there for 10 minutes knocking Kloe was at my feet I snuck onto the nature strip and got as close as I could to the tree with out trespassing LOL and these are the pic's I got!!I couldn't choose between the two so I have entered them both LOL!!Hope everyone enjoy's their Monday :) Thanks for stopping by! Krissy xx


Terri B said...

LOl @ stealth mission Krissy. Gorgeous photos & well worth the wait!

Kate said...

hey krissy, glad the cops didnt come and handcuff you for taking pics :P haha i can imagine the photos from that :)