Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I think I may have scrapped myself out!!!

I have been busily getting my entries in for DT tryouts!!Far out I have since sunday made 6 LO's,one sketch (hand drawn of course LOL) one OTP album (its a crown Kaiser one that the lovely Liz sent me :) )and a card!!!Thats more than I normally do in two weeks never mind 3 days!!!No wonder I'm exhausted and ideas are keeping me up at night LOL!!!I've started meaving my handy dandy sketch book beside my bed so I can write ideas down instead of getting up or forgetting them LOL!!I was a good girl and went for my walk today with Tracy down to the train station and back....its probably a good half hour walk so now I'm even more flogged LOL but it gave me a break from the scrapping LOL!!I'm packing my joggers in my bag for when I go back down to Mum and Dads on Friday so dad and I can go for a dander of an afternoon :) WOOHOO craft show with Mum on Saturday Yippee!!I so love going to the craft show with mum every year!I'm trying to talk Lyns into coming too but she said "we'll see" thats what Mum used to always say when she couldn't make up her mind LOL!!I'm off to watch some telly and veg out for a bit LOL TFL Krissy xx

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kate said...

hey krissy

dont you hate it when you have ideas going through your head and you lose sleep? its very exciting though hey! it usually happens to me during cyber crops lol.

glad you enjoyed your walk mate!