Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gimme a B..........

gimme an E.......gimme an A........gimme an R!!!!!!Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheer bears!!!LOL ok so I always wanted to be a cheerleader......but Im too unco so this is as close as I get PMSL!!These are cheer bears that I had an order for and they have been keeping me very busy over the last couple of weeks!!Let me tell you those outfits where a mission and a half!!The bears I could do in my sleep but the outfits are always a challenge.......good job I love fiddly stuff LOL!!I am very happy with how they have turned out :) Im now about to email the customer and get the verdict.......fingers crossed that they are ok :)
Woohoo!!I won a few prizes at ALLCRAFTZ!!I won a pop,jackpot prize,one for my ATC's :O and one for my froggy card :) Now I am all excited about the raffle which is taking place tonight :) It'll be fun!!Plus it will be fab stalking the postie for my well as the prize for my "Sandies Daisies" challenge :) woohoo love surprises!!
Well I think thats about all for now........Im off to scrap YAY!!!!!
Krissy xx

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kate said...

theyre gorgeous and well done for all your hard work its paying off krissy with all these lovely prizes you are winning!! nice !!