Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Still no norty's LOL

This was the only LO I managed to get done for Jules blog challenge before I went away ......had heaps of fun with it though and I am still planning on doing the others even though the due date has passed :)
This is last weeks sketch LO lovin the pink as always LOL
This was a LO I created for the lovely Liz as a part of a birthday surprise that Karen organised :) I hope you had a fandabbydosey birthday Liz!!
OK today is day 10 with no norty's (cigarettes) and I am going pretty good :) I havent had the urge at all :O I think the whole cold turkey thing only works if you really really want to quit as I do .......Im glad I didnt have to rely on patches and pills top help me.I am really glad I did it last week instead of this week because I am house is feeling alot like a doss house *insert rolling eyes here* I have soooooo much to do and I am constantly being badgered.....but I wont go into it ......lets just say I am reaching the end of my tether :(
OK Im off to create some cheer bears and hopefully get 5 minutes to myself
TFL and Take care
Krissy xx

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jules said...

ok it is offical i am hating having no computer!!!!!! i am missing way to much...all your lovely layouts and miss morgans birthday...please wish her a very happy day for me ( even though i am late)...need to catch up big time...i NEED one of our chats..hehehe.....oh well hopeing to have it back today or tommorrow...i really really hope so!!! i will be shouting out as soon as i have it back thats for sure!! hahaha....
i hope yopu had a great time away??? chat soon jules xxxxx