Thursday, July 9, 2009

blind scrap reveal and some wicked good news =)

Ta da!This is my LO for the blind scrap I ran at A passion for craft :D Thanks so much to the girls who joined in it was fab to see your gorgeous LO's :D I used one of those random name picker things to pick the was so cool like a pokie machine and a very cool way to pick a winner!The winner was Cherie!!Congrats Cherie!I'll post off your RAK when I have your address :D
My movie inspired card for week 2 of the christmas in july comp at TSE......mmmmm starting to remember why I only made 4 cards last year LOL maybe Im just not feeling very festive lol I do like the card though I was inspired by the movie "surviving christmas" you know the one with Ben Affleck?Anyhoo the quote was "tis the season to be jolly honey"and I decided it'd be a bit nifty to make the tag and put the "to:"like a real tag :)
Ok time for some Wicked good news :D Tam and Karen have asked me to be a member of the scrap DT!!!OMG yay!So excited!!I cant wait to play with the kits and work with the other girls :D They have the wickedest kits in town you know!Oh and super cool Wicked Princesses have a ning site now too!You can check it all out HERE and if you join up and mention me you will go into the draw for a RAK from Karen and Tam!!How cool is that!! :D

Ok now ive finished all the stuff for my masters entry Im a bit lost!:O I dont know what to do now lol Ive been running on the old "gotta do this so I can do that"thing and now its all done Ive got time :O what to do what to do lol I have got a fandabbydosey job to do for Jules and some sketchie creations so I should pull my finger out and get crackin hey ;)
Tomorrow Im heading down to spend the weekend looking after the peeps while Lyns and Matt move into their new house Im hoping to take the kids to the park for some nice outdoorsy pics with the SLR while im there :)
Okies best be off and do something lol
Thanks for visiting and thanks for all your comments they are much appreciated and always make my day *mwah*
Krissy xx


Kat said...

Hi Krissy,

A huge congrats on becoming a DT over at WP! I know you will do a fab job =)

Love your blind scrap too.

Have fun with the peeps!

Kerryn said...

YAY congrats on the DT gig!

Your blind scrap layout is gorgeous :).

Have a great weekend with the peeps!

kate said...

oh congrats missy krissy!! how exciting and well deserved :) enjoy your weekend- dont be bringing home any sicknesses with you this time around love!! hope the weather is nice for you, my sister in burps said she has had her fire on every night lately because its cold there and its her birthday next week and she has asked for a dressing gown LOL. so stay warm krissy!! xxoo

Stacey Young said...

Congrats Krissy!!!!! Have a great weekend with your peeps (lol - love that) at the park!! xx

Anonymous said...

Yeah Congrats Krissy!!! You do such fab work!! The projects are gorgeous!! Have a fab weekend with the fam!! ;)

Jodi said...

That is only absolutely gorgeous layout Krissy... Enjoy your weekend.

Laura said...

WHOOOHOOO Krissy!!! That's great news about the DT position :)
Love that blind scrap layout too, just adorable!!

Cherie said...

Congrats on another DT position Krissy!!

Ali said...

Woo hoo! You rock Krissy! Oh and that LO is gorgeous - love the heart :)