Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ummmm......I think I need a new phone :-$

Look what the screen is doing :O This was after it reversed all the things on the screen PMSL I was half way through recieving a text from Nic and it went haywire!I knew it was on its last legs but gee's it couldve waited til I read the text!!So RIP my moby......onwards and upwards LOL Ive already picked out my new baby so hopefully I can go pick it up tomorrow :D Fingers crossed :)
My fandabbydosey friend Manon is holding a class at scrapboutique today and the theme of the album is me!Well if you do it it'll be you but you get the picture LOL So anyhoo we needed different piccies of ourselves for the album so I gave my camera a workout......I woke up this morning feeling very bleh and wasnt liking what I saw in the mirror so I did my hair and a spot of makeup and snapped a few shots of myself for the album........PMSL you can tell how nice my hair looks by the above piccie LOL Jokes I took some that are me but not my face iykwim?Anyway you'll get to see all the piccies when I do the class so I wont make ya look at them now :)
The fabulous Kerryn shared with me a tutorial on homemade vines the other night and I couldnt wait to have a go!!!Soooooo much fun!Im a wee bit proud of my flowers made with a $2 punch =) Cant show you the full LO yet you'll have to wait til August 1st ;)Thanks heaps for sharing Kerryn you rock! *mwah*
Last night I joined in the speed scrap at scrapboutique this is the result .......Love these popsicle papers from Bo Bunny!And of course love this piccie of my beautiful niece Miss Morgan being her crazy gorgeous self :DMy pic from last night was sooooooo dodgy so this is a vast improvement LOL

OMG yay I FINALLY got my Picasa to work again!!Yippeeee!!Seriously people it was really annoying me not being able to use it!I contacted the dude that fixed the lappy and he couldnt work it out.....I asked on the forum at Picasa and they tried but still couldnt explain why it wouldnt download then this morning (when I was washing my hair LOL) I had a revelation......what was missing since I got the lappy fixed??Mozilla.....maybe if I try that it might work and if not I'll give up (yeah right as if Im too stubborn to give up lol) and woohoo happy dance it worked!!!Haha not so computer challenged anymore hey! PMSL!

Okies im off to print some piccies :D

Hope you are all having a great saturday!

*mwah* and thanks for the fabbo comments on my previous post! LMAO Kerryn hehehe

Krissy xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Krissy, I'm loving your work, gorgeous design in the palm of your hand, too sweet, Tiff :o)

Tanya said...

Oh bum, I want you to post your photos!! You are such a crack up girl! Yes you do need a new phone. Glad you had a good Saturday. Check out my blog to see what I was up to today! Soooo tired now, I'm off to lie down on the couch ;)

Kerryn said...

Oh dear, poor phone!

Gorgeous work, love how you've used the vine! They are cool aren't they :).

kate said...

gorgeous krissy! love the hand photo and sorry to hear about your phone!! hope your new one is a good one!! xox

Manon Keir said...

Awwwww thanks love

Gorgeous LO :)