Saturday, July 4, 2009

Did someone say digital???

Ok so I know I use digital elements for my sketches but ive never actually attempted to do a digi LO......til now!Kaiser had these freebies and omg they are cool :D They have a comp going and you might be lucky enough to be in print in their magazine so I figured why not have a go!Took me almost as long to do this as it did normal scrapping LOL I was doing it in bed (sounds a bit rude LOL) and Al said Ïts have finally found a way to scrapbook in bed"PMSL dont think I'll be trading my double sided tape for a new mouse anytime soon but it was fun to have a try :)

OMG 2 posts in one day I am bored today arent I LOL

In reference to Al saying In might have swine flu this morning he was very concerned when he came home from work and I greeted him at the front door and he said "whoa you look like death warmed up" more rays of sunshine LOL you know its bad when you scare yourself when you look in the mirror lol anyway he has been fussing all over me since he came home asking me how Im feeling and getting me drinks etc so Im milking it for all its worth lol havent sneezed for about 3 hours so Im going good I think =)

We are off to celebrate Dads birthday with him tomorrow.....I got confused about when we where doing what....long story but anyway we have got him a really cool bunch of pressies so it'll be good.....just have to do a pitstop for some liquorice on the way and his pressie is done =)

That means another update tomorrow lol

Ok im off to bed

Krissy xx


Stacey Young said...

Hope you get better soon, what a lovely husband you have! Woo hoo you have sneezed for 3 hours!! LOL! Your digi looks great, just love the colours, I have never tried a digi, not sure I ever will, I love texture too much!!!! LOL! Have a great day with your dad. xo

Kerryn said...

LOL Don't blame you for milking it! Have a nice day with your dad.

Ali said...

Ah - sounds like sympathy was just what the doctor ordered - good man that Al lol.

Cool digi LO - but are you coming back from the darkside?

kate said...

aw thats so cute about al. god love him! hehe xox

Tanya said...

Fantastic digi layout Krissy! You are fast becoming a true digi queen ;)