Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wicked Princesses kit and a card for someone special

This is a sneak of the stunning vintage kit I had the pleasure of using for my first ever scrap DT work at Wicked Princesses :D It truely is a beautiful kit and perfect for any scrapping subject I love the colours in this kit :) Mine arrived today and I have already created a LO which I will be sharing with everyone on the WP blog in August (check out the sneak peek below :D) so if you like what you see head on over to Wicked Princesses and grab a kit!I'll be doing 2 LO's using the kit but judging by the pile of gorgeousness Im looking at right now there is enough for 3 :D Cant beat that for value!
I used my friend Nics stamp set she let me borrow *mwah* thanks hun!Now Im gonna have to buy it because I LOVE it!

I made this card for my friend Nic ......Nic if you are seeing this before you get it then act surprised when the postie brings it :) *mwah* and {{hugs}} for you lovey.....Im here if you need anything :)
Hows everyones week been??Mines been pretty uneventful so far lol a bit of scrapping going on and OMG shock horror my scraproom has been staying tidy :O Maybe its something to do with the fact it took me almost 2 days to get it half decent LOL Im going to have to do it all again when I get a wardrobe and start painting but thats ok it'll be worth it for the end result hey!I'll have to get myself waaaay organised in advance if Ive gotta work from a small stash :O Im going to see if Al and I can go wardrobe and shelf shopping at the weekend......heres hoping my persuasion skills work PMSL
OMG I forgot to upload my sketch for my turn for the sketchcall at CIS oopsies!!Better go and do it lol
Thanks for visiting lovelies! *mwah*
Krissy xx


Kerryn said...

Looks gorgeous Krissy! Looking forward to seeing the full reveal :).

kate said...

gorgeous colours in that kit krissy :) fingers crossed al is being nice and goes shopping with you this weekend hehe. i wanna see photos of your room!! xox