Monday, May 11, 2009

Im back

Hiya everyone :) I hope you all had a lovely mothers day yesterday!Dad and I played chef and made brekkie for Lyns,Mum and the rest of the family it was yummy :) I made the above little post it note thingy for Lyns because if she wasnt a mum I wouldnt have my peeps and everyone knows how much those two mean to me <3
When I was sick I did this weeks 7 sins challenge LO and duh to me forgot to scroll down and didnt see the mono blue part oops.......just as Id finished this cute LO of Josh and Morgan....oh well I still like it and I used a potato tag as my non scrapping item :D

Liz has created another awesome sketch this month at A Page From my Sketchbook!I had sooooo much fun doing this LO of Josh when he was little OMG I scrapped some pre digi pics :O Love how its turned out though :)

My card example for this week at wicked princesses!Bon Voyage.....loving the blues and I used my stampin up stamps :D

This is the LO I ended up re-doing for this weeks theme at Wicked Princesses and its all in blues as outlined (oops) and its another pre digi pic :O Dad and Lucy having a snooze on the couch when she was a pup......she didnt stay that small for very long LOL
I had a lovely time with my family and the peeps :) Morgan wanted me to stay longer but I couldnt , she had her first swimming lesson on saturday and the pics Lyns took are so cute!But she forgot to give me the copies she had made so I cant scrap them yet :( Awwwww
Josh is going to districts for his outstanding effort at the school cross country so the little man is gearing himself up for it all....he is even going to school early so he can practice with the other kids :D So cute :)
We went to the Casino on saturday night with Nic and David and their family and other friends to celebrate Davids 30th birthday it was a great night even with the revolting peach margarita :P OMG it was foul!Nic,Chrissy and I where PMSL at each other every time we had a sip because it made us scrunch our faces up they are sooooo sour :P ewwwwww never again nope LOL
Oh and before I forget OMG yay!I won 2nd place on my LO for scrap the boys!Woohoo!Im going to join in again this month I think it was heaps of fun :) Thankyou to everyone who voted for me *mwah*
Scrapbooking memories sent me an email about my LO "Joy" and it will be in Vol 11 No4 woohoo!Morgan will be excited to see herself in print :)
Okies Im off to clean the LOL
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the lovely messages on my last post :D Im feeling much better thanks lovelies {hugs}
Krissy xx


kate said...

great to have you back krissy!!! always love seeing your gorgeous layouts :D LOL @ the peach margarita, ill remember that one :) xox

Stacey Young said...

Gorgeous layouts, Krissy, just like normal!!! Congrats on your published LO and I am sure Miss Morgan will love seeing herself in the mag!!!

jules said...

hello there gorgeous! glad you are all better....your creations are just beautiful
congrats on the SM acceptance...i bet morgan will love that!!!

jules x

ps when is your class with passion???

Kerryn said...

LOL I love your first and 2nd WP layouts :). Shame you had to do 2 though. Doh!

Congrats on the win too, very well deserved :).

Anonymous said...

Very lovely creations dear!! They're all over the top gorgeous!!!

Kirsty said...

Wow! You have been busy! Love your LOs...the original sloth Lo AND the retake LOLOLOL!!!
Congrats on the win and the pub!