Friday, May 15, 2009

Ive decided.......

That every week when I update the CIS sketchblog Im going to update mine with my sketch for that week as well as my example LO :) Good idea?I think so LOL I created my sketch using a free digi kit from shabby princess I love those kits :) I did my LO about our other niece and nephew Paige and Brandan who we dont get to see as much as we'd like :( So this is one so they know we love them too :)
The lovely Lana sent me the 7 gypsies papers and flowers and I couldnt resist using them straight away :D Thanks again Lana!!
Im looking a bit like rudolph the red nosed reindeer today ........arrrrrgh it drives me mad having a cold!!!Ive had it all week so hopefully this is the end of it (fingers crossed lol)
Im off out to play paparazzi with Nic and the always spunky Jakob and Sammy today :D woohoo!Its gonna be fun :)
Have a fabdabbydosey day lovelies and thanks for visiting my blog! Dont be afraid to say "hi!" I love comments :) *mwah* to my lovelies who always leave a comment rock my blog :)
Krissy xx


Manon Keir said...

Gorgeous Krissy, love the multi photo sketches. Great idea to update your blog with the new sketches/LO's each week!!

Hope you feel better soon love.
See you Sunday??


Kerryn said...

Good idea :), love your example this week.

kate said...

gorgeous krissy :D good idea updating your blog the same time each week :) easier to keep tabs on things.

hope you are feeling better soon, we have also had the flu household here too :S xo

Tanya said...

Love your sketch Krissy! I really gotta learn to do cool looking sketches LOL ;)