Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two new additions........

to my blog!!Im getting a bit fancy LOL I have added a chat box......feel free to talk to me people!!Thanks for starting it off for me Kate and Hannah!Plus I have a new hit counter.......for some weird reason my old one turned into a link for chairs :-$ what the?Very weird and confusing LOL......might have to change a few things so nothing else gets changed!!!Well on the scrapping front my mojo is seriously lacking :-( I have no idea whats going on (its driving me mad) so needless to say I have been chatting,blogging,cleaning and cooking to distract myself LOL since saturday I have only done 1 LO :-O which is just not good for me!!LOL!!I had a sooky lala saddy day yesterday and today so I went for a wander to the bakery and bought a bee-sting cake......so naughty but so yummy.......probably shouldnt have eaten 2 slices...my bad ;-) Kloe's new bark collar is still doing the trick......no barking!!I have caught myself going out to check she is still in the yard LOL Im sure Jack finds it most entertaining considering he can still bark and she cant LOL He gave her a look of disgust when she barked the other day and he sniffed her .......it was hilarious!!Im stalking my postie for a couple of scrapping parcels......maybe that will inspire me....hope so.....Im looking forward to a day out with Lyns and Morgan on Friday we are going out for lunch and doing a spot of shopping.Morgan needs a dress for a wedding in October.....cant wait to see my princess niece all dressed up :-) I'll be snapping away for sure.....plus Josh will look supercool in a dress shirt and pants....he is getting so grown up.He managed to wangle a couple of sickdays this week in true horsey style (my brother was the king of pulling a sickie when he didnt want to go to school LOL!) His glands are up and he is a bit pale but still our gorgeous cheeky Josh :-) Im surprised he hasnt worked out a few of the old tricks for getting out of going to school yet.......dont worry Lyns I wont tell him........them all LOL.I am seriously missing my honey.....big time......I just dont cope well without him soppy I know but its true.He is getting all sorted for his car show he is going to......I really hope he has a great time he has put so much hard work into it.Anyway enough of me waffling on Im off to have a cuppa and read my book for a while before I go to sleep......Stephen King Dumas Key.....just started it but its pretty cool...mind you I am a BIG stephen king fan so I love all his work :-)

Thanks for visiting and dont forget to use the chat box......pretty please?

Krissy xx

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kate said...

hi krissy!! best wishes for allans car show, im sure he will enjoy himself :) what is a bee sting cake?? wish i could have some lol and i dont even know what it is. emjoy shopping on friday krissy, you will be in good company ;) maybe the parcels will help you with your mojo for scrapping, plus with the cc next week and the new comp at cis im sure you will be scrapping your heart out :) take care of yourself xo
p.s. where do i click exactly to look for new chairs??? haha