Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get ready to cybercrop!!!

Just a quick reminder about the "Are we there yet?" cybercrop that is happening this weekend over at ALLCRAFTZ!!!Challenges and games.....scrapping and laughs......what better way to spend a weekend? It is going to be fab!!!Hannah and I have designed our own challenges again this month as well as some challenges from Megan to keep everyone inspired :) I have received some lovely feedback from ladies who purchased my kits.......Thankyou Cherie and Marnie you have put a big smile on my dial.....its so nice to know you liked the kits :D I cant wait to see how everyones turns out!Its so exciting!I am also getting very excited about my very first classes that will be coming up soon.....dates should be announced very soon......excited and nervous all at the same time true Krissy fashion LOL I have never done a class before never mind taught one so it should be interesting LOL ~E~ has got some gorgeous new stock listed in the shop too......carolees creations mini alphas (love them all) the slice machine, new stamps new papers......the list goes on and much eye candy!!Check it all out at ALLCRAFTZ!!!

Im really excited today.......I get to see my honey for a quick kiss and cuddle before he heads back out to the car show :D plus gorgeous man that he is ......he's bringing a parcel that arrived for me!Kiss,cuddle and scrapping goodies..........sounds like the perfect day to me LOL!!I seriously hope my other parcel arrives today or tomorrow.....otherwise it will be arriving here and I will have already gone home ....that would not be good :( C'mon postie.....Im tired of stalking you LOL!!!Seriously though fingers crossed for me LOL!!

Im off to have some lunch and finish my bear.......have a fandabbydosey day and thanks for stopping by!

Krissy xx

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kate said...

hey beautiful lady sounds like you are having a great time when allan turns up! hehe. wink wink nudge nudge. cant wait to hear how your class goes krissy. hope you can do a class at cis soon!!! hint hint nudge nudge