Monday, June 8, 2009

what a weekend!!

This is Jack's love hate relationship with Olly bird LOL poor boys never give each other any peace so Olly is now living out the front instead LOL

Oh my I am happy dancing like Ive never happy danced before!!Check out all these goodies I got in my stars of scrap prize pack!!!Yay woohoo!!Thanks so much to Victoria from I love it!!

Oooh nice uggies on the bottom of the pic LOL oops!

As many of you know I lived in Belfast Northern Ireland until I was 8 and we moved to Australia to live and we have always had a fascination with the awesome wildlife in this country :D Well last night when I was getting ready to head home we heard a bang on the back verandah and when Dad went out to investigate we discovered this beautiful brush tail possum out there having a little sticky beak lol!It was so cool I couldnt resist snapping away :)

Hand feeding this little sweetie

Look how chuffed my Dad is :D He is a major animal lover (thats where I get it from lol) He was getting ready to catch the grapes again lol

I love this one....he/she is looking straight at me like Ïm ready for my close up"PMSL!!
This is my LO for this weeks LCA at CIS the inspiration was a pinochio poster :D I couldnt resist using these pics of Josh at about 18months helping himself to a drink straight from the carton LOL and the quote ïm a real boy"was perfect LOL!!Im loving these animal stamps at the moment so they are everywhere lol

Its my turn to teach this month at Wicked Princesses!!I will be teaching you how to do these cards using the fabulous June kit with all its yummy goodies oh yay love Marrakech so much :D So if you are interested in joining in please head on over to WP and pick up your kit and meet me in the classroom on the 15th of June :D

Lyns,Morgan ,Mum and I headed into the city for the scrapbook show on saturday (im so sorry Tanya I forgot my camera :( oops) OMG it was INSANELY busy!!!I was gobsmacked!!Poor little Morgan was a tad upset by some people wearing masks for the swine flu (dont even get me started on that one ) and to be honest I was a wee bit shocked at how rude and aggressive women can be :-O We took the stroller so Morgan could be comfy and the amount of tuts and dirty looks when I asked ëxcuse me,sorry"when just trying to move forward was ridiculous......seriously people manners are free!!!I think next year I'll go in on the Friday instead of the saturday.......we checked out the lifeline bookfest too and I scored a few bargains to use as ephemera for my scrapping ;-)

I got back late last night and slept like a dog after worrying about Lucy (our family dog we got when I was 17) i woke up friday morning and she was gone :( which isnt like her at all but the builders next door have been using a nail gun and she is terrified of loud noises.....I walked the neighbourhood calling and calling her and she was no where to be found :( Lyns,Morgan and I drove around looking too but still nothing :( I cried like a baby when dinner time came around because I thought she wouldve come back and was stressing she would be hungry (even though she is a total porker and missing one dinner wouldnt hurt lol) we called the council and left our details,and then on saturday the council website said it had a terrier X,black and tan,female,no collar(she took it off the night before :-O) and found on friday so we thought yay its Lucy!!But after calling the council found out their offices where closed until tuesday.......and then yesterday we where all sitting around having cuppas in the morning and Dad went to go out the front and get the paper and guess who was on the front verandah?.....yep you guessed it Lucy lou grinning from ear to furry ear, bathed and a more tired than I have ever seen her LOL!!As for where she has been and who bathed her I have no idea!!Happy days!!

Im off to play with the goodies in my pack!

Have a fab day everyone!

Krissy xx


Tanya said...

OMG, what a story about your dear dog. How odd that she came home bathed? At least she is home and safe. No worries about forgetting the camera!! I have read on a few other people's blogs about how packed it was on Saturday and how rude alot of people were. That just spoils the fun I reckon!

Tanya said...

oh I forgot to say that I love that Thirsty layout!! Love the corrugated cardboard, looks fantastic!

kate said...

omg i love your prize pack krissy. the possum is adorable!! love the look on your dads face hehe.

p.s. people are rude :S poor morgan :(

Stacey Young said...

Hehe, don't stress, we have been in our house just on 7 years and it's just getting done now! LOL!!! It's such a big job though, I understand why he keeps putting it off! Gorgeous layout and how lucky are you with all those goodies! And yes, I agree with Kate some people are just so rude!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, look at all those goodies, what a great read too and I love the layout and the cards, everything, thanks for sharing all, Tiff :o)

Kerryn said...

oooh the little rascal! Bet you are glad to have her home.

Enjoy playing with the goodies!