Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We're not gossiping we are networking LOL

PMSL!I bought all 3 of us a magnet that said that for christmas LOL! These 2 gorgeous chickies are Nic and Jody .....anytime I say im off out with "the girls"or off to coffee with "the girls"these are "the girls"!!We caught up for coffee (and potato wedges in my case LOL) on saturday morning and then again that night for some crafting....not that we ended up doing any LOL we where too busy chatting and me fussing all over Nic gorgeous boys Jakob and Sam :D I had my camera and thought it was about time the 3 of us had a piccie together :D Jody and Nic have known each other for .......over 10 years I think and I was added to the bunch about 2 years ago.Anywhoo just wanted to share these pics........*mwah* chickies!!!Id be lost without ya!
Oh and how much of a tool am I .......I forgot to tell you all I have been published again!!!Im in the current Scrapbooking Memories Vol 11 #4 and Im on page number 47!!!Woohoo yay!!Check it out .....its my first published LO with the gorgeous Miss Morgan on it :D I so cant wait to show her herself!woohoo yay!
Who is going to have a go at the SM masters comp???Im going to jump in and have a go....Ive already started my mystery item :D
Im off to finish printing pics :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Krissy xx


Stacey Young said...

Oh, congrats Krissy, that's fantastic about the mag!! Cool piccies too!

Cherie said...

Congratulations on being Published again Krissy!!
Good luck with your Masters Entry. Can't wait to see what you come up with.