Monday, June 15, 2009

Congratulations Adam and Mel :)

We went to the gorgeous wedding of Al's xbox buddy Ad's to Mel on Saturday :) It was such a beautiful day :D
I dont know why but I dont think this photo looks like me LOL maybe its because someone else took it instead of me doing the old "hold it out as far as you can and hit the button trick"PMSL

Can this view from our hotel room get any more beautiful??I think was stunning :)

Thats more like it!

We had a fandabbydosey was so nice to have some time on our own away from it all......we met some really nice people,had a few drinks,ate some awesome food and loved every minute of it :D Thanks for a fab weekend bub, love you *mwah*

This is my LO from last weeks LCA challenge at CIS :) the theme was romance so I had to do some of our wedding pics :) The rose on my LO is my pathetic attempt at trying to do the gorgeous paper flowers on Nicole Aspinalls blog.......I couldnt do it as well as she did but I'll keep trying lol Thanks for the fab tutorial Nicole!
Oh and before I forget I have been tagged twice!I'll be back tomorrow to do my tagging :D
Thanks for all your lovely messages about having a good weekend *mwah*
Have a fab night lovelies :)
Krissy xx
Oh guess what??I got the new point and shoot camera yay!!Its not pink but it is fandabbydosey :D


Kerryn said...

Your flower looks great! I haven't tried them yet (I actually got to see them IRL), Nic makes them look easy!

Love the layout :).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have had a fabulous weekend. Love the layout too.

Stacey Young said...

Yes, gorgeous gorgeous view!!! You guys look fabulous and so happy! And that layout is just stunning!

Kirsty said...

Aaaaaw what a cute couple you guys are! Love the lO!

kate said...

beautiful photos krissy!!! looks like you had a lovely weekend away!!!

p.s. that layout is absolutely gorgeous!!! xox

Tanya said...

OMG the view is gorgeous!! Love love love your layout - just beautiful x