Friday, June 19, 2009

Its sketch day!

Happy sketch day lovelies!This is my sketch for this week on the CIS sketch blog :) I should really start showing them every friday and not just the ones I do on my weeks LOL I'll make a mental note of that lol I made my digi sketch using free kits from Jessica Sprague and shabby princesses......I downloaded some new free kits so look out for some very cool sketches in July :D
If anyone wants to use any of my sketches its all good but pretty please add a link to my blog :) I love getting new visitors (especially when they leave a comment to say hi!)Plus I love seeing my sketches come to life!
I love this pic of Josh and I he is such a sweetie :) Im always getting in trouble for calling him "bubs"in front of his mates lol oops its not cool you see........norty Aunt LOL Anywhoo my journalling is about no matter how big he gets he will always be bubs to me ......I can just picture when he is a man and me calling him bubs LMAO I'll be that embarassing Aunt whos invites for parties mysteriously go missing in the mail ROFPMSL! He knows im crazy and he still loves me so its must be all good lol
Had a fabbo time doing a treasure hunt with Laura and the other gorgeous CIS chickies last night and guess what?? I won :O I know im shocked too LOL and i managed to not fall down (or up LOL) the stairs this time!!woohoo!That means I get a bonus 3 points towards my LCA tally ......cant wait to show you all the LO I did for this weeks challenge.......its very differnt from my norm but inspired by one of my fave scrappers ;D but you will have to wait til Monday to see it :( It the last week of the challenge too.....its been so much fun :)
Have you been shopping at A Passion For Craft yet?Lynnie has just stocked some of the fabulous carolees creations mini alpha stickers......Im so getting some so dont buy them all ok?!lol Check out the sale while you are there its bargain central!!
Ive been working on something a bit spec with the fabulous Princess Tanya for a special event that is coming up very soon at Wicked Princesses.......stay tuned for more info coming soon :)
Okies Im off to get organised and do some washing......have a fab day!
And an even fabber weekend!!
Thanks for visiting me :)
Krissy xx


kate said...

oooh love the sketch krissy!! i will be using that this weekend im sure :) lol @ josh and 'bubs'. i have 14 nieces and nephews and let me just say that they grow right before your eyes!! before you know it josh will be 22 like my nephew LOL. xo

Kerryn said...

LOL your poor nephew!

Love the layout :)

Tanya said...

Gorgeous sketch and layout Krissy! You are sooo good at sketches ;)

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous layout Krissy!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! :)

Kirsty said...

Great sketch and gorgeous LO!!!