Monday, June 22, 2009

LCA week 6 entry :)

This is my entry for the last challenge for the Lights Camera Action comp over at CIS :D This weeks poster for inspiration was pirates of the carribean......once I had finished drooling all over Johnny Depp (LOL) I went full throttle on the inks,paints and distressing and am sooooo pleased with how the LO turned out!Ive had this pic of Josh with his pet Lizards Rocky and Betty for ages and this seemed like the perfect excuse to scrap it.......the quote I chose to use for the LO was "Not all treasure is silver and gold" which is perfect for Josh and his beloved little mates who are now gone :( He will always remember these too..... I think Josh will love the LO :)

My lappy is off to visit the repair guy AGAIN *insert rolling eyes here* because it now wont let me watch DVD's or download picasa......its got me stumped and the repair guy cant work out why just by me expaining it so he needs to have it.....hopefully only for the afternoon.

Oh and before I forget I went in search of my photoshop software last night and its gone :( ......dont even ask how it makes me so off I went in search of some free software I could use for my sketches,photo editing and to have a little play with and came across the free software GIMP it is alot like photoshop and Ive been having some fun fooling around with it last night and woohoo can use brushes with it too :D

Okies better go......I was considering wandering down to the shops to get some bits and bobs but its raining so Im going to make some PJ bottoms for Lyns and Morgan instead :D

Have a nice Monday lovelies!

Krissy xx


kate said...

gorgeous layout krissy!! i can see you are still taking some inspiration from stace!! beautiful!!

hope you dont get too wet going down the road. i went down and got a flavoured milk came home and opened it only to realise its out of date :S doh! grrr. im not going back down there.

Kerryn said...

Love how your layout turned out Krissy! All the distressing and paint - looks fabbo!

LOL at the names of the lizards... Betty? hehe

Oh you'll have fun with gimp. Hubby says it's quite complicated but if you're familiar with photoshop it's brilliant and free! I'm not quite up to that level yet LOL. Shame about photoshop though :(.

Jodi said...

Awesome layout Krissy.

Ali said...

I lurve, lurve. lurve your last LCA LO Krissy - so much depth and detail and such a cute pic too :) It's been fun - bit sad it's all over bar the BIG announcement.

Glad you managed to find a photoshop alternative.

Anonymous said...

Dontcha just love Johnny Depp? Awesome LO Krissy, Tiff :o)

Tanya said...

Oh I really love this layout Krissy!!

Ceci said...

I just love that layout Krissy, it's very special, bet Josh will love it. :)

Anonymous said...

What a beauty layout Krissy!! Love your inspirational layouts!! Awesome job and I love gimp!! :)