Thursday, December 10, 2009

Has anyone seen......... mojo? It seems to have gone missing and I cant find it anywhere :( *sobs* is it the heat? Is it christmas excitement? Come back mojo I need you to keep my sanity!! lol If found please return to me asap lol

So seeing as there is no mojo there is no scrapping to share so i'll share a few piccies instead :) When my fandabbydosey gorgeous Granny was here early this year I was lucky to go on holidays with her (twice lol totally spoilt i know lol) anywhoo on the Gold coast holiday mum and I would walk to the shop and get the paper for Dad (mum and I love a good dander and the hill was an awesome workout :D) we where walking back and spotted this little branch on the ground (its only about 30cm long) brought it home and I prayed it would survive my severe lack of green thumbs lol and yay yippee it lived! This is its very first flower awwww it was a surprise what colour it would be and I am loving it! The flowers are only about the size of a 20cent piece so heaps smaller than my others :) I will always think of that fab holiday with Granny when I look at that little frangipani :)

Al has been doing a spot of landscaping in the front yard resembles a building site but is a heap better than it looked before LMAO anywhoo he came home the other day and called me downstairs with a "Argh! Hey babe come and look at this...." I replied apprehensively"what is it?"....anyone who knows Al knows he has a warped sense of humour and sometimes he likes to trick me so I cautiously walked downstairs and in the middle of my rumpus room was this big fella!!
Al thought it was a snake at first hence the ärgh!"LOL I hastily ran and grabbed the SLR to snap a piccie for Josh our family reptile lover :D You wouldve loved it bubby! It almost got stuck between the wall and our brick bar in the rumpus room and poor fella lost the tip of his tail in the process........I sat and was entertained by the sprockles of Al and his brother trying to catch it PMSL one was trying to catch him with the laundry basket and the other was trying to scare it into the basket both of which the lizard payed no attention to LMAO Eventually he was caught and released in the lady next doors yard just in case my dogs caught him......hope he finds lots of yummy grubs or whatever it is they eat lol

Its hard to tell how big he is but the basket is one of those big ones and the lizard was about 35-40cm long so not a little one that for sure lol

Thanks for all your {{hugs}} for me sooking over the dentist visit :) I bravely went and survived......I had a young dentist called Albert who while not very reassuring was ok as far as dentists go lol They had a TV in the roof so I watched Dharma and Greg while he did his thing.......then found it hard to talk to conversed with Al via notepad on the laptop for a few hours lol I have to go back for more ........but thats not til after christmas phew!

Okies im off to attempt to scrap......wish me luck!

Flowery hugs



Kerryn said...

Bummer about the mojo! Hope you find it soon.

YAY about the frangipani, a perfect reminder of the fun times with your granny :).

jules said...

the frangipani is gorgeous and i love that you found it with your granny...a perfect reminder of your wonderful time together on her visit!!

i have been looking for that mojo of yours and i think i found it stuck on the lappy....sending it back right NOW!!!! GO GET IT GIRL!!!!

jules xxxx

Kirsty said...

Your mojo will come back soon!! Love the flower, and love the story behind it!

Felicity said...

if I see it, I will send it back quick smart, we cant afford to miss too many days without seeing your GORGEOUS work ;)
great photos.

Ali said...

Well I looked under the bed and behind the lounge but I couldn't find your mojo anywhere! This makes me think it has returned home and I'm waiting impatiently for you latest scrappy creation :)