Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A party trick and some vintage embellies :)

LOL ho cute is Princess Morgan!?! This is her new party trick which I think is pretty clever for a 4 year old lol she cracks me up this little chickie :) I used to do this when I was little too but dont think I could do it at 4 lol She has her 1st dancing concert coming up soon and they are all dressed as cinderella......oh man I am hanging out to get piccies of her dressed as cinderella!!!

Do you like vintage embellies? Follow the link HERE to find out more ;-)

We had some crazy weather last night and some humdinger thunder and lightning.....hope it doesnt come back again tonight Kloe goes burko in storms.......Jack isnt phased at all but she will do one of 2 things 1: escape and run around barking at the sky or 2: sit in the laundry and bark at the ceiling LOL both of which are most frustrating and sometimes a wee bit annoying.....oh well thats good old QLD weather hey! Olly loves it because he is brought inside and has a fly around .....he was following me all over the house last night lol

Ive been busily putting together some flowers packs for the crop day :D Lots of goodies to try and sell on the day :D The gorgeous Nic is coming with me and she is making some cool books to sell too :) Its going to be fun! Dont forget to send me an email if you would like to book a seat on the day.......I havent been to a crop day in donks! Im so looking forward to it :)

Not long now til I draw the winner for the flowers pack! Dont forget all you have to do is put the photo of my flowers and a link on your blog /purchase some flowers to go into the draw for the fandabbydosey flowers pack in your choice of colours :) Cool hey!

okies im off to bring the washing in :)

Thanks for stopping by *mwah*



kate said...

*sigh* wish i could come to the crop day :( xox

p.s morgan is so cute! and very clever!

Manon Keir said...

hehe, that's a cool trick!! Have fun on your crop day you lucky girl, mwah!!!

Kerryn said...

hehe very cool party trick. oh and i expect when you do get those cinderella photos they'll end up on a layout quick smart :).

have fun makin' flowers :).

Stacey Young said...

Way to go Miss Morgan, she is clever, I don't even think I could do that now!! LOL!!!

Very windy here tonight too, I only wish it would rain! It's been forever since it rained up this direction!

Mwah, take care:)

Tanya said...

How CUTE is little Morgan and her trick!!!

Em said...

Tee hee, how cute is Morgan, the piccie would make a great scrap page! Loove the vintage embellies too! Have a great weekend!