Thursday, October 8, 2009

I have moved..........

scraprooms lol it seemed like a good idea at the time but halfway through I was kinda regretting it lol Man this DIY carry on is hard work :O Ive got blisters on my blisters lol But I did it all myself and am pretty proud of my achievements :) I painted the walls,pulled up the carpet,sanded the floors (omg I have that yellow underlay stuff it is a nightmare to get off floorboards!) goodbye bingo wings and sealed the floors and moved majority of my stuff in and voila new scraproom!Check out the pic of me in the ear muffs lol that sander was loud peoples LOL My DIY assistant Kloe made herself very comfy on the carpet I pulled up lol

This is what it looks like now.........take a good look it may never be this tidy again PMSL Mum saw a photo and said "try and keep it that way" LOL no matter how old I get mum always reminds me I am messy LOL Its never gonna change ma im a grub lol

Ive still got to get a wall unit like an expedit or something and finish clearing out the front room ready to make it into a guest room :) oh joy more DIY LOL

Had a fabulously productive day today :) Up bright and early (cant sleep in anymore argh who broke my sleep in love ? :( ) walked to see the fabulous Miss Jody and drop in her flowers order for this week ( had bad timing too sorry lovey my bad) then off to Aldi to get some groceries and then I wandered back home (hang on I struggled to drag my nana bag with my shopping and carry the baskets I wanted LOL) but its all in the name of keeping healthy thats 8kms Ive walked this week :D Then I did washing,cleaned the house and sorted out our wardrobe including filling 4 bags for the charity shop :D Not bad for a days effort hey :) I cant remember where I left my mojo though :$ anyone seen it? I have a stack of goodies and all im doing is looking at it all and nothing is happening :O :( where for art thou mojo?? Hope she comes back soon I need her lol

Im a bit concerned about my bouncy jack russell girl :( She isnt jumping today :$ trust me this is very very weird for Kloe to not jump.....she isnt limping and we have checked her for ticks etc and there seems to be no sign but she is struggling to jump on the couch and when she sits down she seems awkward.....poor pooch hopefully she is back to her bouncy self tomorrow....never thought Id say that but I prefer her being her normal self.Being quiet and still just isnt her at all lol

Oh yay yay yay I won Sarah's WCMD challenge at Inkurable stampers :D woohoo so cool :)

Im off to see if I can find some inspiration.......fingers crossed for me girls and boys!

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Told yourself you are fandabbydosey?

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Scoobie said...

Wow, your scrap room looks awesome! May be your mojo was thrown out with some of the garbage from the "old" room?

I haven't seen your mojo, but this page always make me laugh and want to make goofy layouts

PS Did you check your dog for spine probs?

And yes, I've told myself I'm fab.

Kerryn said...

Looks fabulous Krissy! You clever girl! Loving the ear muffs look :D. Hope you didn't throw out that mojo with the carpet???? I'm sure you'll find it soon :).

Jewls said...

Way to go Krissy!!!!
Your room looks amazing & that floor is totally gorgeous.
I think your mojo isn't missing it just can't keep up with you, LOL.
Hope your doggie is feeling better.

Cherie said...

Fantastic Scrap Room Krissy!
You have done a great job.

Hope Kloe is OK.

jules said...

wow girl you are amazing...the room looks awesome honey and i am sure the mojo will return when you get to slow down a bit!!hahahahaha....

hope Kloe is felling better soon...give her a hug from us xxxx

Kate said...

WOW WOW WOW jealous much?? um YES! looks awesome Krissy you did a great job!!! I think yout mojo will return when you mess it up, looks way too tidy LMAO

Sarah Lou said...

I think we might have the same mother! The romlooks great!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy Krissy! Your scrap room is totally worth it! It looks great!

I hope little Khloe is feeling better.