Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New poppies!!!

Hiya everyone :D Oooooh new poppies.......all new and improved!!Do you like the top piccie? If it interests you head on over to the flowers blog and check it out :D Its a bargain!!!

In other exciting news I have opened an Etsy store!!I know exciting hey!I finally got up the guts to do it after weeks of gentle persuasion from the lovely Wicked Princess Karen *mwah* and the lovely Manon *mwah* So if you are interested in buying my flowers and use paypal etc this is the option for you :D

Thanks for stopping by!



Felicity said...

love those flowers.
YA to the Etsy store!!!

Brigitta said...

They're gorgeous!!! You're sooo creative!


lyn said...

wow babe, those flowers are awesome!! Congrats on ur new etsy store and omg huge congrats on making the short list, yay you!! so happy for you xo

Tanya said...

Your own store! How awesome! These flowers are soooo gorgeous. Ok, off to check out your store now :D

Scoobie said...

Congrats on having your own store! Those flowers are soo cool. You are an true inspiration!

jules said...

yumm yumm yumm....gotta have some!! hehehehehe....lovin the new colours honey...especially the chrissy poppies and branch...just gorgeous!!!

jules xxxxxxxx

Lyndal said...

These are gorgeous :)

kate said...

lol i have no idea what an etsy is but im sure its great!! *thumbs up* mwah xox