Monday, October 12, 2009


My gorgeous yet brown thumbed husband decided to "help" in the garden and proceeded to demolish my hibiscus and my bird of paradise argh!!Apparently they looked messy and dead :$ what the!?! Ummm flowering and green doesnt ever mean dead bub! I stood there arms crossed totally peaved and then he flashed those massive dimples and cheeky grin and I couldnt help but laugh lol we are totally garden challenged and its sometimes astonishing that anything survives us and our lack of garden etiquette lol Oh well if they are meant to be they will come back then Al can say "told ya so...did it the world of good" lol fingers crossed anyway lol

Thanks for all your lovely well wishes about my headache *mwah* its seems to be all good now (phew) besides me feeling like I had a hangover without the fun bit first lol I think I need to get new specks to be honest......oh joy the man with the pokey thing near my eyeball again ......took me half an hour to let him just do that bit last time lol

Ok I know its monday but what have you got planned for this weekend? Want to join in with some fabulously gorgeous girls and have some fun?

There are 2 awesome things going on this weekend :D

Lana from CIS has planned a CISters night in to raise money for Breast Cancer research and has an awesome prize up for grabs (some of which was donated by yours truely in the form of flowers :D) so its a fab cause and there will be an exclusive sketch by me on show to inspire you all :) Hope you can come and support a great cause with us :)

AND we have our very first cybercrop at Wicked Princesses!Its going to be fandabbydosey!Karen,Tam Kirsty,Kayla and I have all put together an awesome bunch of challenges to inspire you all so make sure you come and join in the celebrations :D Below you can see a sneak peek of my challenge ;-)

These are the LO's I created using the kit the fandabbydosey Jules sent me to play with for her classes this month :) I finally scrapped some pre-digi pics of the spunky man himself Joshy man when he was little :) Loved these papers .....they are so much fun to use!
Check out my strategically placed monsters lolIve got the original piccies for his 18th LOL
One of my fave piccies of Josh and my brother :) His Uncle Ish :D so cute :)

Okies im off to do another LO before hitting the hay......thanks so much to all who take the time to leave comments and read my ramblings lol *mwah* I appreciate it :)

Have a good one lovelies :)



Kerryn said...

Fab work Krissy! Great news about the headache :).

Her Essential Hand said...

sorry got a giggle to about the gardening, something similar happened at our house not long ago too. lol :)
Going to check those happenings for the weekend ;)

Kate said...

oh god krissy, al sounds like mick when it comes to gardening. its always fun to remind them though of their stupidity when the plants DONT grow back LOL. xox

Aussie TM5 Thermomixer said...

You sound like me on Saturday Krissy! I had these huge dizzy spells - was scary! Luckily I gave my Black Eyed Peas ticket to Mardi! I didn't know you were unwell too. Glad to hear you're feeling much better now. Really love your card and layout that you have created for TSE's cybercrop!! Especially the card ;D ;D

Alison said...

Great Josh LOs - love the hat LO in particular :) I'm looking forward to both those weekend activities!

Unknown said...

Hibiscus are pretty hardy - my darling hubby ripped a big one out when we got our pool in years ago and planted it again after it had been sitting out of the ground for several days. It's done really well over the years.

You've been super busy haven't you with all those layouts ans creating your gorgeous flowers.

Anonymous said...

Lol! We are a bit garden challenged too Krissy, and we've got a lot to work on!

I love those layouts, the Sass Lass papers look great!