Monday, March 23, 2009

Family photos :)

Hiya everyone!Im back in action and figured it was time for a blog update :D I made a couple of collages with just a few of my pics (theres sooooo many more LOL) we celebrated the UK's Mothering Sunday yesterday with our gorgeous Granny :D I tell you what this lady can make me giggle like theres no tomorrow LOL We had some great laughs while we where up the coast PMSL You are the best Granny and I love you :) Im so sad that the last 3 months have gone so fast........and I am really dreading saturday when its time to say "see ya later" we dont say goodbye in our family so see ya later it is.Im trying really hard not to think about it because I'll only turn into a blubbering mess (says she who is already having a sooky lala moment)
Ok so enough sad talk.........who is coming to my class on wednesday at A PASSION FOR CRAFT?????Its free for the class and the optional kit is just $10.00 theres only 2 left so of you want one check out the store HERE!!Its going to be fab Im really looking forward to it :) Dont forget to check out the other comps and challenges Lynnie and the DT have happening too :D
Well its official I am addicted to the twilight books!!!Nic let me borrow twilight and 2 days after starting I sent Dad on a mission to get me the next one LOL Im finding myself stealing little moments to squeeze in another chapter LOL LOVE books like this!!!So very cool :D
Ok lovelies Im off to find my box of tissues and read another chapter ;)
Take care all {{hugs}} thanks for stopping by *mwah*
Krissy xx


Kirsty said...

Love the photos!
My brother sent me through books two and three of Twilight as e books to be read on the computer, boy where my back, eyes and bum sore after reading them through in three days LOL!

Kerryn said...

You are quite the jetsetter at the moment aren't you LOL.

I have the first Twlilight book (had to get it after all the hype), haven't read it yet though :).

kate said...

LOL im glad you are on the twilight bandwagon krissy :) edward is the most romantic character i have ever read about :) i have seen the movie several thousands of times and i have preordered my 2 disc dvd :)

dont be too sad about granny going home, i would be a tad excited as to when you will get to see her again. maybe hit allan up for a holiday ;) hehe

love ya xo

my5bratz said...

im the same with the Twilight book, I have all 4 on my laptop and read them in 4

great photos :0)