Thursday, March 5, 2009

Its all girly :D

OK so lately ive been scrapping up some boy LO's :) and Ive gone for the old faves girly stuff!!!Bling and flowers aaaaaaahhhhhhhh so much fun! "So pretty" was done as a blind scrap with the lovely Laura Overdyk .....thanks Laura!!It was so much fun!
This is my LO for P4F2 1920's is this weeks theme......I thought this pic of me on our wedding day looked 1920's ish lol so I went with it and love the way it came me it kinda looks like the bottom of a drawer......kwim?all scattered and random?Maybe other people have tidy drawers LOL

And the devine Miss Morgan :D this is my sketch for this week at CIS :) Kerryn did a beautifuol job with her LO too so make sure you check out cisters stylish sketches :)
Oooooh whos coming to my class???A passion for craft is the place to be for my first class!!Hope to have lots of friendly support......pretty please??LOL Its going to be fab!Lynnie has put together 2 fab optional kits but there are limited stock so you've gotta be quick!!!
I got to play with my wicked princesses kit this week and OMG I had a ball!!!You can buy the kit now and have just as much fun as I had!!!I'll be sharing some pics next week :D So watch this space :)
Im off to spend some time with Granny :) I love having her here and its going to be so hard when she goes home at the end of the month :( not looking forward to that airport visit .........anyway not thinking about that til i have to.
Ok peoples have a fandabbydosey weekend and take care!!!
Krissy xx
P.S thanks to the lovelies who left comments *mwah* it seems to be ok now but thanks for caring :)


Kirsty said...

Oooh loving the girly girl LOs!! (my drawers are dreadfully messy..if only they looked that pretty!!!)

Anonymous said...

WOWZER always amaze me with your gorgeous layout designs!! These are absolutely stunning!! I thank you for sharing!! :)

Tanya said...

Wow these are so girly and beautiful!!! I still have a problem with blogger - can't use it at home so can now only blog surf from work (not the most ideal situation)

kate said...

gorgeous layouts as always krissy you were a beautiful bride :)
im sure your gran will be just as upset leaving, i hope that you and al can get over there for a holiday at some stage soon!! xo

KarenB said...

Loving your work as usual, clever chickie. Enjoy your time with your grandma :)

Julie said...

these are just so gorgeous love them