Monday, March 30, 2009

Sneaky peeky :)

The card I based my recipe scrap on at wicked princesses :D So much fun playing with super bright colours :D

A little sneaky peeky of my creations from the latest Wicked Princesses card kit .......OMG it is DEVINE!!!Had heaps of fun with this super cool kit.......and I get to teach a class of my creations in April!How super cool is that :D Dont forget to check out the WP blog for the 7 deadly sins comp which is starting me girls this is a comp not to be missed :D
Ok houston we have a problem........I cant get photobucket to let me upload piccies from my laptop :$ Ive fiddled with security,cookies and tried just about everything to get it to let me do it and I am totally bamboozled :$ please pretty please if anyone has any tips can you please leave me a comment and help??It would be much appreciated :)Like my new blog template?Havent decided if I like it yet lol but typical me have to see if it grows on me lol
Granny arrived home safely true Belfast weather I hear .....sleet,rain cold,cold,cold!!But its raining here in sunny QLD so I cant talk lol I miss her already :( Might have to ring her tomorrow and see how she is going lol
I downloaded some software last night for me to use for my digi'll probably take me a month to work out how to use it LMAO but it seems pretty cool :) Might have to start putting some of my sketches on here too.....dunno have to wait and see.
Okely dokely im off to do the dishes LOL
Have a good one lovelies
Krissy xx


Nes said...

Looks Yummy Krissy....can't wait to see it in full.

Tanya said...

Yours sneaks look gorgeous as ever Krissy! Love the cupcakes!!! Has it grown on you yet??

kate said...

glad granny arrived home nice and safe krissy :) love your card :)