Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Allan!!

Today is my honey's birthday and in traditional style he has the poops.....he hates his birthday and has the whole time i've known him.But that doesnt stop me buying him pressies and making him a card as well as calling him the "birthday boy" all day LOL!Hope you have a fab day babe you xoxoxoxoxoxo
I double dipped and Al's card was made following one of the challenges at the cybercrop at ALLCRAFTZ right sure and pop in and check it all out!!
Have a great day everyone!
Krissy xx


kate said...

happy birthday allan!!!! just let her spoil you, it makes her day hehe xoxo

Liz Weber said...

Happy Birthday Allan, hope it was a terrific day... Krissy that is a fab card!

Anonymous said...

Such a darling card!! Happy Birthday to Allan!!! :)

Leone said...

Awww, poor grumpy Allan! Hope he let you spoil him and enjoyed his birthday a little!