Monday, April 5, 2010

Which one should I scrap first?

The beautiful girl on the slide?
The skater boy under the story bridge?

This little lady running at the park?

The spunk in the tree?

Or this little Princess who I think should be in the dictionary next to the definition of cute!Check out those fairy kisses and that mischevous sparkle in her eye :)
Im going to scrap them all but cant decide which one to scrap first.......which one do you think should be first?
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx


Kate said...

theyre all so gorgeous! i would love to see the skater one first, just because its a little different :) xo

Ali said...

My vote is for the Sk8er boy too - fabulous composition in that pic Krissy :) Mind you I'm looking forward to seeing all of them scrapped!

Tanya Tahir said...

I agree that the skater pic would make for a cool layout but I also adore that last pic of Morgan with the crinkled up nose!! Such sweet photos, decisions decisions hey :)

Felicity said...

so what one did you choose??
I love that last one :)
CUTENESS all round.

Anonymous said...

Tough decision! I reckon the last one, but they're all gorgeous!

Kate said...

wow love all these photos Krissy they are GORGEOUS!!! just scrap them all ;)