Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2 more sleeps!

Til the very 1st Wicked Princesses retreat :D Ive been a busy bee getting everything organised for the weekend. Ive only been to one retreat before so dont really know if what im doing is right or much is enough etc but I figure its a learning curve so I will learn as I go hey :) Princessland is currently swamped with goodies for the shop ......I think last count I had created and packed 25 different kits for the retreat as well as other one off's left over from the last couple of we wont be short of kits thats for sure lol

Im doing some little mini classes throughout the weekend just showing the girls how to do a couple of techniques that are handy for LO's or cards and will save a few $'s ...homemade is always cheaper and im stingey so anything I can make myself I'll give it a go :)

Im really excited to see how it all works out, after a year of planning Im so looking forward to everything,especially seeing the Princesses!!! Mega excited to spend the weekend with friends most Ive never met in real life but talk to everyday cool!! I picked up the WP shirts last week and snapped this one of me modelling mine....note the sunnies are to cover my Louis Vuittons I am currenlty wearing under my eyes lol

Ive been playing with some of the new kits at the retreat's a quick sneak of one of them ;-)

Okies better go and get started on todays list :)

Thanks for visiting and sorry for being such a slack blogger........wonder if anyone even reads it anymore?? If you do leave me a comment so I know im not talking to myself lol :)

Have a fab day and keep smiling lovelies :)

Krissy xx


donna said...

I read your blog Krissy!!!!
I am getting excited too.... see you soon mwah!

Kate said...

so jealous you will be retreating all weekend, you will have such an awesome time!!! hope it goes smoothly for you chickie :)

HarmonySweetpea said...

Of course we read your blog Krissy. Love the shirts! Wish I was coming but don't stress. No 2 retreats are the same so no matter what, everyone is going to have fun. Love the sneak of the new kit xo

Karen said...

I read your blog lovely :) Only 2 more sleeps....bring it on !!!!

Stacey Young said...

Yep, read it too Krissy:):) Hope you guys have so much fun at the retreat.....I am sure you have a done a fantastic job with it regardless of how many you have been too.....maybe the next one I can get to xo