Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesdays tales.......

"Shes a beauty" is my LO for P4F2 at scrapboutique ......cant resist the 80's!!I picked this super scary paper (LOL) and had fun with it!!Plus "Shes a beauty" by The Tubes is a great song........."one in a million girl" that suits Miss Morgan right down to the ground :)She is starting Kindy one day a week.....Friday is her first day......Ive already told Lyns that she better have tissues on hand .....I think we will both need them LOL

The card and ATC's are done using mm paperiere samples for a challenge over at ALLCRAFTZ my first comp entry since I left the DT.

My LO for CIS sketch blog using my very first digi sketch :D Cant wait to see some creations using it!!

Ive been tagged!!!Twice!!!By the lovely Rihani and Nes :) Thanks girls!!

go to the sixth photo folder on your PC, then upload the sixth photo and explain what it's about. Then you tag six people and the game continues....

Ok the lappy is new and I dont have alot of folders yet (I know Im shocked too LOL) But this is the 6th pic in the 6th folder LOL Josh shaving his Daddys head PMSL quite the little Picasso when it comes to using that shaver LOL Matt did of course shave the lot off straight away but Josh loved shaving his head LOL

Ok so now I have to tag 6 people.........I tag





Kate Turner



Krissy xx


kate said...

beautiful work as always krissy :)

thanks for the tag josh's dad is very brave!! hehe

Liz Weber said...

Gorgeous layouts Krissy and I love that card. I love the MM Paperie Rouge range but that range you used is so pretty as well.

Thanks for the tag!


Your work is great Krissy!! Great stuff

rihani said...

Great photo Krissy! Ah the random photos we take :)

Kerryn said...

Love how you used those Kaiser papers! I'll have to check out my photos and see what comes up :).

Anonymous said...

Your projects are just GORGEOUS!! I always love to see what you're up to!! I read your post about the magazine news and DT news!! CONGRATS to you!! You deserve it!! :)

Tanya said...

Awesome layouts Krissy! Love those ATC's too!